Officially Old.

I realized today that I am, officially, old.

And it’s not because I turned 26 a few weeks ago (although that really doesn’t help).

It’s because I was walking around Old Time Pottery (buying 50 cent wrapping paper for Christmas… you know the usual)… when I found myself SUPER excited because I (finally!) found the exact pie plate I had been looking for for MONTHS.

This makes me old because:
1) I got this excited about a pie plate; and
2) There was a pie plate that I had actually been looking for… for MONTHS.

The pie plate in question, by the way? A cobalt blue glazed ceramic pie pan with wavy edges. So I might be old. But at least my pies will be pretty!


2 thoughts on “Officially Old.

  1. LOL…and then you’ll look back and laugh when you tell your grandkids the story of how you thought you were “officially old” the day you blogged about the pie plate they’re eating out of. And then you’ll have to explain the antiquated technology of blogging. 🙂

  2. At $4.99 for this pie plate (seriously… love OTP), if we’re still eating out of it with our grandkids I am going to be incredibly impressed! heh.

    I wonder what will come after blogging? Vlogging seems to be starting to get more popular but you can’t watch a vlog during class or in the office….. 🙂

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