We are not adults, ed. 1 (or: why we’re perfect for each other)

***This scene takes place on a Sunday afternoon, the day after B’s big exam after a celebratory lunch at Longhorn. Our neighbors have been putting out a lot of Christmas decorations and lights, and we felt badly. So we decided to go to target to buy Christmas lights for the front of our house. When we got to target we spent approximately 20 minutes in the lighting aisle deciding which lights to buy and how many we need, if LEDs were worth it, and what color(s). We stroll away from the lighting section and pass the electronics. B wants to take a look. We see the Mario Galaxy 2 game for wii***

B: Look! Mario Galaxy 2!
me: Yea… but its $50…
B: yea…
me: what do you think?
B: up to you.
me: …. I just feel like we’re bleeding money over the wedding and Christmas and everything…
B: yea.. we’ll get it some other time.
me: ok. We need lightbulbs for the kitchen.

**cut to lightbulb aisle, me staring at the cart**

me: do you really want to decorate the house? or do you just think that i want to decorate the house?
B: um… I mean whatever.
me: I’m just thinking… we have $50 worth of outdoor lights in our cart.
B: yea. you want Mario don’t you?
me: Well its already December… what are we going to enjoy more for our $50? 3 weeks of outdoor lights? or a lifetime of Mario Galaxy 2? Plus its already freezing out so you’re going to hate putting them up… got to deduct some points from the lights for that.
B: Well reasoned. Mario this year, lights next year.
me: yay!


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