It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

B and I tried to decorate for Christmas last night (let’s be honest… I tried to)… but we hit a snag when I unpacked my (cheapo walmart) Christmas tree, only to discover it was missing a leg.

I kind of thought maybe it’d still stand with two legs? It did not.

I had a decision to make. I say “I” because B doesn’t care about these kinds of decisions so he pretty much defers to me.

See… I didn’t want to buy a new tree this year. We’re spending so much on the wedding, and I just didn’t want to spend the money. I figured that we’d use the cheapo tree this year and buy a nice tree next year. So I had to decide.. suck it up and spend the money on a nice tree this year? Or buy another cheapo tree (which is kind of a waste of money because its a 1 year type thing)?

I decided to go the cheapo route. Yes, it is basically throwing money away because we might not use it again… but I’d really like a NICE and big/tall tree next year and I just wasn’t willing to shell out the cash. So off to walmart I went. (What? They have the cheapest trees. Shut up.)

They didn’t have any $20 trees like I bought last time, and the next level up was the $38 Colorado Pine pre-lit trees. I spotted this hilariously tacky white Christmas tree and sent a text to B “our new tree.”

Except as I went to load the green tree into my cart I realized that really… this was a pretty cheap looking fake tree. It wasn’t fooling anyone, at all. And if I was going to go the obviously fake route…..?

Yep. I bought the white tree. It makes me laugh.

B’s response? “That is the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

I sent a picture to my mom and she said “hmm… it’s bright” and asked if B liked it. I said I thought he loved it. She laughed at me and said “No, he loves you. And you love the tree.” Oh well.

Wanna see?

Don’t our “ugly ornaments” look great on it?

And yes, we totally watched Christmas Vacation while decorating it. Pretty much the best night ever.


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