We are not adults, ed. 2 (or: 3 pets, 1 hat, the best $5 we’ve spent this week)

Who knew one trip to target would yield three blog posts? Clearly a sign I should shop more.

Anyways, on the very same trip in which we purchased mario and our ugly ornament for the year, we also picked up a little hat. A hat made for cats.

When I put it in the cart, B looked at me skeptically and told me it was a waste of money to spend $5 on a cat hat. I told him it would be hilarious. I was right.

First up was Cali… she was…. less than thrilled about wearing the hat. This is my new facebook profile picture.

Milo knew what was going down and was hiding from B, so in the meantime I put the hat on Stew. He’s a champ… really didn’t mind at all (even though it is way too small).

When we did finally grab Milo… he agreed with Cali about the hat..

But then Stew got involved and Milo had bigger issues.

The dynamic between Stew and Milo cracks me up. I think Stew genuinely wants to be friends, but is kind of ham-fisted in his approach. Milo is not a fan of Stew. I feel like this picture just about perfectly sums up their relationship. It bums me out that its a little out of focus, but I was moving fast to get this on (digital) film.. I still think their expressions make the photo a “keeper.”

So there ya have it. Three pets, one hat, and the best $5 we’ve spent this week.


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