Good enough.

Okay so you know how we decided on a video game over Christmas lights?

And then our fake tree was missing a leg so I got an awesome white tree from walmart that was already pre-lit?

Sometimes things work out… because I just happened to have three strings of white indoor/outdoor lights from our old tree that we’d no longer need. Ten minutes later, with the help of my staple gun, and I present you with:

Okay so it’s not like… the MOST festive thing ever. Definitely kind of a slacker-ish. But whatever. We have a few lights up, and it didn’t cost us anything, AND we got Mario. I kind of feel like this was an all ’round win.


2 thoughts on “Good enough.

  1. how have i missed this blog for so long? … adorable porch… we had so much trouble with our exterior lights this year that we are considering not doing them next year… at least not until kids are in the picture.


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