Reading: Kind of important, actually.

In continuing my week of doing Christmas-y things, I decided to start baking last night. We have an extended-family Christmas with B’s family weekend after next and I wanted to take my time to bake and freeze a variety of things before then. Seems like the right thing to do considering his family got me my kitchenaid at my wedding shower.

Now, I don’t bake often, but I bake well. I actually take some pride in how good my chocolate chip cookies are (is that sad?). Sugar cookies too. I decided to do the chocolate chip cookies first because they’re fast and I could do them after working vs. sugar cookies which are kind of an all-day event.

First lesson?

Kitchenaids are pretty.

Kitchenaids make mixing easy.

Kitchenaids make a big freaking mess.

Granted, it was probably user error because it was the first time I’ve used it and I added the flour too fast or something… but whatever it was fun and I was having a good time.

Until the first batch came out. Not okay.

They were too light on top, while being done on the bottom, too puffy, and when you bite into it… almost cakey. I thought maybe the oven was too hot because I’d just been baking my stuffed peppers for dinner and had turned the heat down from 425 to 375. So I waited a bit for the temp to get right and tried again. Still no good. I blamed my new darker cookie sheets, laid down some tin foil and put in a third batch.

I gave one to B to try. “They’re weird…” I said I knew the texture was kind of off but they were still cookies right, they’d be okay to take to Christmas anyways? He looked unsure..

“I don’t want my family to think you’re like some Debra Barone…”

Excuse me?

“I mean… don’t worry about it. If I tried to make cookies they’d suck even more than those.”


Honesty. We have it. So I tossed the rest of the dough and pouted.

I was giving my mom the run-down on my baking fail and subsequent confusion this afternoon when she said, quite confidently: You used baking powder.

I told her there was no way. I have made chocolate chip cookies a thousand times. But I went to look at the cabinet anyways and….. yep.

Baking powder? NOT baking soda. And that’s kind of a big deal, cookie-wise.


2 thoughts on “Reading: Kind of important, actually.

  1. Hmmmm I’ll look into it. I have a shield (you can kinda see it on the background on the counter, although it doesn’t quite go all the way around. I feel like if I just mixed slower it would really help. I was kind of in a hurry when I made these and it resulted in the mess (+ powder/soda mixup. lol)

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