This holiday’s calories are brought to you by the number TWO.

Second times the charm right? Certainly true for me this year in holiday baking. Observe.

First time I made chocolate chip cookies I used baking powder rather than baking soda. Fail. Puffy undercooked fail. Second time I made them? Perfect.

First time I started to make sugar cookies I mixed the sugar with the flour rather than the butter. I didn’t want to waste my time baking something that might not turn out so I dumped it. Second time? Everything went together in the right order.

First time I mixed frosting for the cookies the butter didn’t fully incorporate and when I dyed the frosting I ended up with weird disease-stricken-looking cookies. I dumped it and made a new batch, this time it looked… ok well so not “pretty” but certainly not diseased. And it tasted good so whatever.

My first attempt at oreo truffles? total fail. I did not have the energy to try again.

Only thing I got right on the first try was the chocolate covered pretzels. Of course, the recipe for those goes as follows:
1) melt chocolate
2) dip pretzel

If I was incapable of pulling that off the first try they should probably just take my kitchenaid from me now. Already I’m not quite sure I deserve it.


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