Some days…

Yes, I am still going to write about our wedding. At some point. But today? Today I just need to bitch a little.

About my job.

Which you’re not supposed to do on the internet.

But I’m going to.

At least a little. Generally.

Because some days?

I yearn for a job that has clear boundaries. That has well-defined tasks. That has a recognized procedure for completing said tasks. Or even a more-senior coworker who could ever tell me what the hell I’m supposed to do now.

Because my job….

It’s like stapling flan to a giraffe.

Step 1: Make flan. Except you’ve never made it before. And your cookbook is in german. And your only dictionary is spanish/english. And your boss isn’t answering his cell phone.

Step 2: Research staplers. Surely someone makes a stapler for just this type of job right? No? Well try to figure out what might work best based on absolutely no knowledge of this type of task.

Step 3: Find a giraffe. And someone who will grant you access to this giraffe.

Step 4: Attempt stapling poorly-made flan to giraffe.* I think you can see where this is going.

*I in no way condone giraffe violence. It was just the most random and hard-to-access-but-easily-recognizable thing I could think of.