Some days…

Yes, I am still going to write about our wedding. At some point. But today? Today I just need to bitch a little.

About my job.

Which you’re not supposed to do on the internet.

But I’m going to.

At least a little. Generally.

Because some days?

I yearn for a job that has clear boundaries. That has well-defined tasks. That has a recognized procedure for completing said tasks. Or even a more-senior coworker who could ever tell me what the hell I’m supposed to do now.

Because my job….

It’s like stapling flan to a giraffe.

Step 1: Make flan. Except you’ve never made it before. And your cookbook is in german. And your only dictionary is spanish/english. And your boss isn’t answering his cell phone.

Step 2: Research staplers. Surely someone makes a stapler for just this type of job right? No? Well try to figure out what might work best based on absolutely no knowledge of this type of task.

Step 3: Find a giraffe. And someone who will grant you access to this giraffe.

Step 4: Attempt stapling poorly-made flan to giraffe.* I think you can see where this is going.

*I in no way condone giraffe violence. It was just the most random and hard-to-access-but-easily-recognizable thing I could think of.


One thought on “Some days…

  1. This cracked me up. (Yes, I’m just now reading it…new job plus kid plus life = no time for blogs).

    MFN and I have our very own “corporate analogy” that involves a task (the boat), unclear directions on how to do the task (the hole in the boat), no resources to accomplish the task (a holey spoon to paddle with), and impossible expectations as to when it should be completed (cross the ocean in your holey boat using only your holey spoon by tomorrow).

    No giraffes are harmed in our version, but that poor boat! LOL

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