I am a cliche.

So what got me thinking about my blog today is that I wanted to start a list of projects I want to do around the house. I was considering where to keep it… on a “post it” on my computer desktop, in a word file, a physical notebook (lol as if I had one of those anymore..), and I thought it might be fun to actually try to revive the ol’ blog with some home improvement stuff.

See, as I mentioned before, once the wedding was over, I was kinda over it. It was wonderful but I was so happy to be done spending so much time thinking about that one day and just get on with my life. And since I don’t have my sights set on mommy-dom for at least a few years yet, I turned my attention to my house.

I know. So cliche.

We’ve made a few big changes since the wedding. First up was the man cave. I’d promised B we could get him a new (massive) tv once the wedding was over. We did that first, with a 60″ LED. It is BIG. At that point, I was wanting to spend a lot more time downstairs hanging out with him and watching the new big tv, but the couch down there kinda grossed me out. It was from his bachelor days, and there was a few too many questionable stains for my tastes– so I suggested we go couch shopping.

Enter our first married fight.

See, I meant: Let’s go look for a kinda cheap but clean and much better looking couch to get us through the next couple years.

He heard: Let’s go find the king mecca of couches that will fulfill all my seating dreams.

Yea… Luckily it was short-lived. In the end, I was persuaded that getting a nice couch that we’d love for 10+ years was a better idea than getting a cheap (but not really that cheap, because it is a couch) couch that would need to be upgraded in a few years with the mecca-couch. But that thing had better last 10 years, is all I’m saying! Behold, the mecca couch:

Sorry about my lame iPhone pic. I’m too lazy to go take a good pic of it. The couch… it is huuuge. And very soft, It’s kind of like laying on a giant baby’s ass. I would imagine. As I told a friend yesterday, I don’t think I’ve actually held a baby in something like a decade… but I digress. The two ends recline. But they don’t JUST recline. They POWER recline. Because ya know, pulling that lever is a little too much work. (lol)

I don’t think I have a picture of the tv, but trust me. Big.

The other big improvement is that I had most of the house painted. When we moved in, we painted the kitchen, 1/2 bath, dining room, and man cave. I haaate boring cream walls so I was itching to banish them all. We had to hire painters to do the great room, bedroom, and stairwell because they were too tall for us to do ourselves, so we just had them do the hallways, loft, and our master bath at the same time. The before pics:

After much teeth gnashing, I finally decided on colors (B wanted no part of this decision). I went with a soft mossy green for our bedroom/master bath, and then decided I wanted most of the rest of the house to be a pale aqua (I thought it would go with all the other colors and kind of tie everything together), with a few accent walls of dark teal in the great room and loft. Well… it didn’t QUITE turn out that way. I did my best getting samples of colors but with spaces as big as ours are, and all the different lighting, well… we got a bright/light blue and navy blue. I LIKE it. Don’t get me wrong. I do like it, and its so much better than it was before. It just wasn’t quite as soft as I was picturing. It happens. I think I’ve learned for the future that I should usually go with a shade softer than I think is right, because a 2’x2′ patch on the wall is just a lot different than the whole thing painted. Here are the afters:

The bedroom and master bath… LOVE IT. The color is perfect.

The great room. LIKE it… huge improvement, just not exactly what I intended.

I guess I haven’t taken a real picture of the hallways, but you can kind of see it in this photo I took to show my mom how weird our lighting is at night. The color in the great room and hallway is the SAME. But because of the different lighting it looks totally different.

Anyways… so that is the progress we’ve made thus far. I have a couple more “big” projects planned (big due to either cost or time involved), and lots of little ones. So without further ado, the LIST:

Bigger projects (due to time or money):
– stamped concrete patio (time(several weeks)/money(around 4k)) – estimated completion summer 2012 or 2013
– replace the flooring on the main level of the house with wood or bamboo (time(probably a month+)/money(no idea, but lots)) – estimated completion 2013 or 2014
– paint the guest bedroom/accent wall in the loft (time (a full day), we already have the paint) – hopefully by the end of 2011
– do a tile backsplash in the kitchen (time (1-2 days)/money($500ish?)) – not sure, hope to complete next summer if not earlier
– Build a curtain rod and make curtains for great room (time(1-2 days)/money($50ish to build rod, $300ish for fabric)) –

Small projects (under $100/one afternoon):
– Cover existing pillows in great room with fun fabric
– make 1-2 pillows for bench in great room
– figure out a better design for mantel in great room
– redo top of cabinets in kitchen with fall/christmas decor
– paint tiny wall between great room and kitchen (this will make more sense with pictures)
– make chandeliers for breakfast nook and dining room
– Paint the back of the pantry door with chalkboard paint
– make a few wreaths for the front door
– hang some pictures/something on the wall behind our bed (maybe use my canvas prints groupon?)
– maybe do a photo wall leading up the stairs between the main level and master level
– recover pillows on the couch in the loft
– paint the bookcase in the loft a fun color (green?)
– new shower curtain/rug for guest bath
– paint the furniture in the guest room (headboard, 2 side tables, dresser)
– hang some photos/art in the guest room and maybe hallway upstairs
– organize my crafting stuff in the sewing room
– put contact paper design on our back door (you’ll have to trust me on this one)
– possibly putting a chair rail/batten board up in dining room?
– Hang curtain rods in bedroom and hem fabric I used in wedding to make curtains
– Put hardware on the cabinets in the kitchen

And I’m sure there is more I just can’t think of right now. I think I’m going to make my goal to do (at least) one smaller project per month. This month, my goal is to get curtains up in our bedroom. I already have the fabric, so its really just a matter of buying curtain rods and making it happen. Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “I am a cliche.

  1. Hey there!! Came over from the Bee, hopefully you will help me finally break my ties over there, since my 2 year wedding anniversary is coming up…

  2. Yay, just found your blog through your goodbye weddingbee post! I hardly post there anymore either, but it’s a great time killer when I’m bored at work.

    Love the color of green you choose for your bedroom, that is my all-time favorite wall color!

  3. @bakerella- Hey– I used to have your blog link but I forgot it. Do you still keep it up?

    @mandy – Well you’re always welcome over here I know that its hard to quit going over there all the time because its just such a habit… but at some point it’s like hmm… I don’t even care about weddings anymore hah.

    @morgan- Welcome! I just spent forever looking at your blog. I am super impressed that you look cute every day working from home. I have worked from home for 3 years now and my “uniform” as B likes to call it is yoga pants and a tshirt. Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy, a graphic tshirt.

    @PerfectlyImperfect- Thanks! Your reno’s sound super fun. I’ll have to pop over to your blog and take a look. I am totally loving all things DIY/home improvement/home decor lately, so pass along any of that kind of stuff you’re into.

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