In which I tell you about my wedding that happened six months ago…

Has it been six months? Really? This blog has kind of died, I guess. See, the problem was… almost immediately after the wedding, I kind of stopped caring about the wedding. It was lovely– but huge. And overwhelming. I wanted to share it because I wanted a personal account, in writing, for myself to look back on some day… but somehow I felt like I should do that first before I continued posts about anything else. But the wedding.. it was too big, too many pictures.. I just couldn’t make myself sit down and write. I just wanted to get on with my married life.

But, now I will try.

Where to start? We had a blizzard two nights before our wedding. It freaked out our parents, who were driving in from Cleveland and Michigan, but both sets just drove down early and got here fine. B’s mom had already flown in before the blizzard hit, so that wasn’t a problem. I was nervous about B’s mom/step dad and dad/step mom mingling at our house the morning before the wedding– so much so that I booked myself a last minute mani/pedi (I’d plan to do my own nails) just to get out of the house. Turns out they were fine. Go figure.

Our rehearsal went well. Some folks got lost but everyone made it eventually. We hung our backdrop and the paper lanterns. We rehearsed. I cried.

Rehearsal dinner was great. We had it at this local Irish pub type place in their party room. Fried pickles anyone? They were a hit! We provided appetizers and alcohol, and let everyone order off of a condensed menu I’d made. I had the grilled cheese, mmm. We gave out the gifts we’d purchased, and everyone cried. Including me.

Bridesmaids- pashmina (to match their dresses and wear if they were cold on the wedding day), gold bejeweled flip flops from Old Navy in case their feet hurt from their heels on the wedding day, and gold necklaces that had a gemstone that matched their dresses and a leaf with their initial in it.

Groomsman- clay poker sets

My brother (reader)- a “fisticuffs” mug whose handle was a set of brass knuckles. If you knew my brother, you’d understand.

B’s sister (reader)- a pretty scarf

My aunt (officiant)- a soft grey pashmina

My cousin (our musician)- An old Beatles record (he’s into vinyl and I walked down the aisle to “here, there, and everywhere”)

The parents- “coupons” for wedding albums from us with their choice of pictures, designed/ordered by me.

Plus everyone got thank you letters. Whew.

After the rehearsal dinner BM-K and I went to target. Glamorous, I know. But we had checked into our hotel earlier that day (we booked a room together, I didn’t want to spend the night alone because I thought I might be nervous) and bottled water was like $4 there… so we got a 12 pack of bottled water and some snacks. When we got back to the hotel…. I don’t actually remember what we did. Wow… I think we went to bed pretty early. Probably just watched some tv. Obviously nothing earth-shattering happened the night before the wedding. For me anyways. The groomsman, MOH, BM-A, and my cousin (I think?) followed B back to our house for some poker/youtube-ing/general craziness. I heard stories. haha.

The morning of the wedding I woke up early. Around 6:30, I think. My alarm wasn’t set to go off for at least another hour but I couldn’t sleep. I really wasn’t nervous… just excited. I decided to get up and watch some tv, and order breakfast. $42 of room service later (woah), I was fed and fully updated on someone getting bombed somewhere… not super cheerful. BM-K took a quick shower then took my keys to go pick up BM-A while I showered. They picked me and my mom up at the hotel, we picked up MOH at the friend’s house she was staying at, and we headed to the salon. I remember sitting there thinking that it was all a bit surreal. My stylist was curling my hair and putting in extensions, and it was everything her and I had discussed and planned for, but now it was for real!

After we’d all gotten our hair did (lol), we walked up the street to a local cafe for lunch. Picture five women sitting around in PJs/track clothes and their hair completely done up (including BM-K with glitter in her hair– love that girl), at 11am eating chicken wraps. Hott. haha.

We headed back to the car, and this is where I need to do a Family Guy-style cut-away:

See, as a backdrop to our nuptials, I should mention that the political scene in Columbus during the month preceding our wedding was a bit… tense. We had this little old thing called SB5, which proposed to end collective bargaining rights for all public employees. People were, obviously and rightfully, pissed the hell off. There had been picketing for weeks at the Ohio Statehouse.

Did I mention that we had planned to do our photos at the Ohio Statehouse? And that our hotel was just across the street from it? Yea.

So as we’re driving back to the hotel, we see a LARGE crowd has formed outside of the statehouse. Where we were supposed to be doing photos. It’s not that I don’t support the cause… its just… really?

As we got back to the hotel my photographer called me that he was there (early– love him) and we all met up at our room. Here’s a photo my photographer snapped through the window of our hotel room (All photos copyright Kevin Keefer).

Shockingly though, I didn’t really freak out. My photographer told me he’d sent his assistant over to scout out locations, and I just figured that it would probably all work out. And if not, at least I was getting married. I just felt very… serene? I’d made myself a promise that when the wedding day came, I would roll with the punches. I’d prepared as much as I could and I didn’t want to waste any energy being anxious. So I just tried to focus on what was going on around me. I think my calmness actually was unsettling to some of the people around me because I remembered everyone kept saying… you’re so calm! you’re so chill! Um, thanks?

Anyways, the makeup artist had arrived and she got down to business while my photog snapped away at some detail photos:

I really loved how all my accessories came together in the end:

I’m not really a “sparkly” person by nature, but for that one day I was shining like a disco ball!

I was done getting ready and it was time to head over for our first look… but this post is already far too long so I think I’ll split it into two posts… to be continued…


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