Pick’in up some drapes…

My good friend works at Joanne Fabrics. I love him. For many reasons spanning the decade(+) of our friendship, but most recently because he lets me abuse his employee discount. Usually he gets 15% off (even off of sale/clearance items), but this weekend was a double discount weekend which meant a whopping 30% off on top of all the crazy labor day sales. Most things were already 40-50% off, plus the extra 30% off… I couldn’t help myself!

Let’s just say I spent too much.

The goal of the shopping trip was to get some curtain rods for our bedroom and dining room. We’ve lived in this house for over 19 months, and I’ve yet to hang window treatments. I didn’t need fabric for those curtains (I’ll explain why in a later post), so I thought I’d just get the rods and be done on the cheap.

But then I found something surprising. A curtain rod that extends up to 120″ for only $54.99. + 40% off. + 30% off. Wowza.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been wanting to put drapes in our great room, but I’ve been classifying it as a “big” project because I thought it would be really expensive. I’d only ever seen ready-made rods big enough for $100+ so I planned to DIY one, and because I needed 10 yards of home decor fabric, I figured I’d easily spend $200-300 on fabric alone. I needed that much fabric because I plan to hang my curtain rod on top of the transom windows (rather than between the lower and transom), and to hang four panels instead of two. Here is a terrible mock-up of what I’m thinking:

When I found the curtain rod for so cheap, I snapped it up immediately. Then I decided, just to see what was there, to take a walk through the home decor fabric. I had only a vague idea of what I was looking for. I knew I didn’t want sheer drapes, because I wanted them to obscure the wall between the windows. I also wanted something neutral, maybe tone-on-tone, because we have a lot of color going on in that corner of the room already (light blue + dark blue walls, green couch). Also, I was hoping a neutral color would be something I’d like for longer, since I hope I won’t have to change these drapes for at least a couple years.

Surprisingly enough, I found a fabric I really liked almost right away. Its a champagne color silky fabric that is knotted for texture:

It reminded me of this popular Anthro quilt that has been making the rounds lately on pinterest and other blogs:


And thats when I saw that it was on clearance because it had been discontinued. Only $9 per yard! + 50% off + 30% off = $3.15/yard. Holy cow. Home decor fabric is generally between $24.99-54.99/yard, so this was a ridiculously good sale. And, the roll had exactly the 10 yards I needed. It seemed meant to be, and I brought it home with me.

But now….. indecision has set in. To a very minor extent, I worry the champagne clashes with the white wood blinds. I don’t think it does, but its a minor concern.

More importantly, I worry it looks like a wedding dress with pick-ups… which I hate. I don’t want this on my wall:


I’m torn. Here are a few more pics of the fabric from various distances.

I’m leaning towards my gut reaction– love it. But a little part of me still fears getting the curtains made and hung, only to feel like I’m being attacked by a bridal salon circa 2007. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Pick’in up some drapes…

  1. I really like the fabric you got. It’s eye catching *but* subtle enough to blend in. It’s a gorgeous colour and should go really well. I say go for it. I mean… if it doesn’t work or you don’t like you can always take them down and eventually use the fabric for something else! =)

  2. Thanks for your opinion, Misfit! And you’re totally right. I spent like $30 on this fabric so it really is worth trying. I just tend to be super cheap so it drives me crazy when I end up not using something I’ve bought. I’m still on the fence… hopefully a few more days of staring at it will spur me into action! lol

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