That moment..

Have you ever had that moment when you realize you’ve actually become your parents? Isn’t it startling? Particularly, I think, if that moment comes before you’ve even had kids of your own.

My moment came a few weeks ago.

B and I made a trip to Target for really exciting things. Like paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins. (Side note: Why do we always run out of all three at the same time?). We were standing in the toilet paper aisle, and before I knew what was happening, I was knee-deep in a discussion with him about which brand and size offered the best value for quality. I heard him start multiplying for me the cost per sheet of one package versus another. I heard me insist the quality of this brand was really worth the premium in price over that brand…

And that’s when it happened. I flashed to myself, twenty years ago, standing in the grocery store on a routine run with my parents as they calculated the cost per sheet of the toilet paper they were going to buy. I remembered so clearly thinking “who caaaaaaaaaaaaaares?!?!?!”

And now? I do. And I have long discussions on the topic with my husband in the toilet paper aisle at Target. I’ll just be in the corner now, hanging my head in shame.


One thought on “That moment..

  1. HA!! My husband and I were just having a conversation about toilet paper. We bought a cheaper brand in bulk because it was on sale, and we hate it. We’ll pay extra for the quality next time!

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