Repurposed drapes, The Plan.

One of the challenges about getting married in February, and not wanting to get married in a church, was finding a space for our ceremony. We did eventually find a great two floor venue that could accommodate both our ceremony and reception, but the ceremony space was a little….. blah.

(I poached this pic off the web a while back, it is our space but a different wedding. Can’t remember the source, oops!)

I mean… its fine. But it bothered me that we’re kind of in the middle of the room with no backdrop. So, I made one. Thanks to a lovely 70% off coupon to Joanne’s my friend got for me, I went and bought twenty (yes twenty) yards of sheer fabric from Joanne’s (you should’ve seen the lady’s face) for a whopping total of about $70. Even though it was an incredible deal, it still kind of killed my ceremony decor budget. So, I vowed to double-purpose the material. And what better to do with 20 yards of sheer fabric than make drapes?!

Knowing this was my plan, I was careful in making the panels for my ceremony backdrop. I made sure I cut the panels big enough that they would later work for drapes in our bedroom and dining room. It meant that the panels puddled a bit on the floor of the ceremony, but I thought it looked fine. Our curtains’ first life, DIY’d ceremony backdrop:

Now, if I’d had a bit more time before the wedding, I would have measured the exact necessary length I’d need for curtains, and hem all sides of the panels so that they could be repurposed immediately after we were done with them. But, I was in the midst of last minute DIY craziness so I just made a pocket at the top to hang them, and left the sides and bottom unfinished. For the ceremony, it was fine. But for curtains that will be hanging for years to come (hopefully), I’d like the panels to be a bit more finished.

So, my project for the weekend is to cut the panels down to the right size and finish the edges, then hang them on the rods I bought yesterday. Wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll have them finished and hung tomorrow so that I can update with “after” pics.

Did anyone else repurpose wedding decor as home decor?


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