Repurposed drapes: Mission accomplished

We got the drapes finished and hung today, but I’m not going to lie… we were pretty close to giving up on it. Whenever I call something an “easy project,” I should probably realize I’m in for an hour+ of frustration.

It all started off well enough. I got the individual panels for both the master bedroom and dining room finished in about 45 minutes. Then I called B upstairs to help “for a minute,” and told him to bring up the ladder and screw driver. I thought thats all we’d need.

I can hear you laughing.

This is what we were working with.

So, that didn’t work. The wall was way too hard to screw the brackets in with just a screwdriver. So we got out the drill. I tried drilling into the wall, but it just wouldn’t go in more than about an inch. Then B tried, and he was working his ass off, but that wasn’t working either. (He did look cute doing it though!)

After much swearing, sweating, and a call to dad, we realized we must have been super unlucky and were trying to screw into a nail. We moved the hole over 1/2 inch and voila– it worked! I was glad we didn’t give up when it got really hard, because we just felt ridiculous not being able to get one screw into the wall. That first screw took about an hour. And a few more tools than initially planned:

At that point, we took a break and went out for dinner and a LARGE margarita (for me). We got home, me a bit tipsy and B a bit full, and powered on. B took the lead on the ladder (fearful I’d fall off) and I took the lead on Corgi photo taking… we all have our talents.

About 10 minutes later (yep… 1 hour for the first screw, 10 minutes for the next 3), we were in business and were able to hang the curtains!

I think they look great, and make the wall look much more finished. Although there are still a few things I’d change about the room.

Buoyed by our success on screws #2-4, we decided to tackle the dining room curtains as well. Those were MUCH easier. Ten minutes start to finish. Thinner walls? Lucky screw placement? Regardless, this is how I was hoping our venture would go from start to finish. B moved the table out a bit while I took a pic of him looking a little like bigfoot. (Sorry hun).

Right? Anyways… No drama with the dining room curtains and they were up in no time.

Love them! Overall I was really happy with this project. I spent about $38 on three curtain rods for the two rooms, and the curtains I repurposed from our ceremony back-drop. The whole project took about 3 hours start to finish, although it would’ve only been about 2 hours (or less) if we’d not had such an issue with the first screw. Most importantly, I think it makes the rooms look much more finished.

Anyone else ever had a ridiculously hard time doing something that should be SO easy?


4 thoughts on “Repurposed drapes: Mission accomplished

  1. Thank you for the great idea! I’m going to make a backdrop for our ceremony, which will be held in a similar building with brick walls. Now I know what to use them for afterwards 🙂

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