The Wedding

So when I left off, I’d just finished getting ready in my hotel room across the street from the Ohio Statehouse where we were supposed to do our first look. It was a surprisingly nice day (considering that we’d had a blizzard two days prior), in the mid to high 40s and most of the snow had melted off. We decided to do our first look on the south stairs of the statehouse for a few reasons. First, I really wanted pretty pics with the columns and we couldn’t do them at the front of the building because there was still protesters there, and second because the south stairs were facing our hotel room and my parents could watch our first look from across the street (and twenty floors up). This seemed perfect because my parents had been a bit disappointed we were doing a first look– they really wanted to see the moment that B first saw me coming down the aisle– so this was kind of a happy compromise.

My MOH and I (with the two photographers) headed across the street (on foot) to the statehouse. Our plan was to go in the East entrance (the only one that was open) and through the statehouse to get to the south stairs. I should mention, that to get pictures at the statehouse, you have to get a permit. Which takes time, planning, money ($50), and a lot of frustration. I’d secured a permit– in theory– but never got one in hand. Meaning, I was told via email that the permit had been approved and my check had been cashed, but despite two reminder emails from me, they never sent me the piece of paper. I guess I should have printed out the emails, but it didn’t really occur to me that we’d have a problem.

Yep, we had a problem. We got stopped on our way in by a somewhat unpleasant woman (seriously, who is rude to a bride on her wedding day?) saying if we didn’t have a permit in hand we would have to leave. It was at this point I probably came closest to losing my cool and told her (calmly but FORCEFULLY) that I had spoken to [insert guy’s name] four times and he had assured me that we had secured the permit, that our check had been cashed two months prior, that it was their own incompetence that led us to not have a permit, and that if they didn’t let us take pictures I was going to look into legal action because this was our one wedding day, we were on a strict timeline, and I had done everything that I personally could do to comply with their rules. She let us pass– but it was a little sketchy for a moment!

We then had a bit of a problem finding the guys. They were supposed to drive and wait in a particular stairwell for the photographers to come and find them. I’d taken B and his best man to the statehouse the week before to show them where to go, because neither of them had ever been to the statehouse before and it can be a bit confusing. Long story short– we found them. The photographer was in the wrong stairwell– oops!

Anyways, I hid in the rotunda while the photographer retrieved B and put him outside facing away. This resulted in the photo that my parents call the “peeing picture” because from their perspective, it looked like he was peeing on the column. Nice. lol

And then this happened…

I was SO glad that we did a first look. I’d gone back and forth about it for a couple of reasons. I knew it made sense time-wise, but a wedding is an emotional event and I didn’t want to lose that “coming down the aisle” moment for the sake of efficiency. Plus, B was not on board. In the end we did it because otherwise we would have had no time at all for pictures of the two of us together– and it really was wonderful. We got to have that 20 minutes all to ourselves, and share that moment privately (in front of two cameras, I guess). I think it helped calm us both down so that we weren’t nervous about the ceremony and could remember that it was really just us, like we’d always been, but in fancier clothes. Plus, it was my wedding day and I wasn’t getting married until 4:30 in the afternoon, I didn’t want to wait that long to see my almost-husband! So we were thrilled that we went ahead and did the first look. After we had a few minutes to just talk, we did our “formal” pictures together. I have about a hundred I could post, but I’ll try to restrain myself.

We then did our group shots which I would share, except I try not to post pics of people who don’t know/consent to my blog (i.e. everyone but B and me. Sorry!). Here is one shot of the bridesmaids though that I love… their dresses turned out so beautifully, and I loved the bouquets!

We then did a few more pics of B and I separately and together:

(so tempted to post more– but I think you’ve seen enough of us!) Then we headed to the cars to take us to the venue. I love this photo of us coming into the parking garage, girls up front and the guys behind us. In a kind of cheesy way.. I feel like this photo is how I was feeling at that moment. Everything was moving too fast and blurry but the only clear thing is how excited I was. Plus, its blurry so you can’t really see anyone’s faces clearly and I can post it!

This post is officially too long now so I guess this is going to be a multi-part series. Once I get going… you really can’t shut me up!


4 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Aw, thanks Anna! Looks like it will take probably 1-2 more posts to get the wedding done so I’ll try to power through. Clearly, I was not very busy today at work. heh. And I made a promise I’ll stick to– no more curtains until these ones are sewn and hung!

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