Is there any such thing as good news?

Anyone else wish that the world would just take a break from all of the reporting on doom and gloom? Just for one week, report only happy things? Not feasible, I guess, but I can’t be the only one who feels bombarded with doomsday-esc messages. Usually I’m pretty good at ignoring all of it and just focusing on my own little bubble, but it seems like that is getting harder to do. Not that I always make the best choices for avoidance, I guess. Here’s what I think of when I look back on 2011 from a world news perspective:

March- Japanese earthquake and tsunami. This one actually hit me pretty hard because we were honeymooning in Kauai when the tsunami hit, and although we were perfectly fine, we had about 45 minutes of being scared out of our minds. Also, all of that end-of-the-world nonsense started claiming we were going to face an apocalypse on 5/21.

April-May- Crazy tornados throughout the middle of the country; waiting for the 5/21 end of the world

Whole Summer- Talk of the US financial system collapsing due to political stand-offs

August- Earthquake on the east coast + Irene

September- Massive flooding along the east coast; wildfires spreading throughout Texas due to drought; anniversary of 9/11

Not to mention non-news stuff like the new movie Contagion. Plus my inexplicable decision to buy a book on my way home from our last trip about biological warfare (Hearbeat Away by Michael Palmer) and to start watching a netflix series about a post-nuclear US (Jericho). Those last two are obviously totally my fault– although I think I’ll be skipping Contagion due to the fact that the description of it wigs me out.

Oh and the world is supposed to end again on October 21, 2011. And also December 21, 2012. It is exhausting.

I’ve seen more things on the news/blogs in the past month about disaster readiness than I think I’ve seen in all the rest of my days combined. And while it is a good and important message… it is starting to wear on me. Plus, I can never help but wonder if all of these disasters are new. Is there really more this year than in past years? Or is it just being reported more? Or– perhaps I’m just paying attention more now? I really don’t know.

What I do know is that I wish the news would occasionally focus on GOOD news. There must be SOMETHING good happening in the world, right? I refuse to believe that the only news-worthy events are those in which people die. Rather than telling the same sad story twice an hour, every hour… perhaps consider peppering in some feel-good stuff? If its good news, is it not news anymore?

What do you think? Am I being too isolationist in my wish for a bit of a break from the gloom?


3 thoughts on “Is there any such thing as good news?

  1. 100% agree. I actually even wrote a paper about this concept in one of my communications classes in college. The media is all about sensationalism, and it really is quite depressing.

    I watch the local news everyday at lunch (I work from home), and other than a rare cooking segment, there is nothing but tragedy and crime. It’s sad, and I could definitely use a break from it too!

  2. I think thats exactly it, Morgan. Its all about sensationalism. Which I guess is human nature… seeing as more people gossip about infidelity than well-earned promotions, but yep, super depressing.

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