Just call me Betty

As with most engaged people, we did the registering for gifts thing. Which, by the way, is not nearly as fun as I thought it would be. But that is perhaps a story for another day. We registered, a shower was thrown (by my MOH and mother), and I received many of the things that we had registered for.

I think that we fall into the category of lucky, though, that the off-registery gifts we received were pretty awesome. I could probably do a whole post right there, but today I want to talk about the gift I didn’t think I liked, but now I love. It was?

A cake decorating kit! It was bought for me by my aunt who has a talent for decorating cakes. I had never really shown any interest at all in cakes, though, so I couldn’t imagine what I needed with frosting bags and tips, an offset spatula, frosting dyes, and a manual on how to use them all. I thanked her and away the kit went in a closet upstairs, unopened, for about six months.

Then a funny thing happened, I got married and had more time. Also, I joined the world of pinterest which is perpetually filled with pretty looking and fabulously tasting treats. When mother’s day rolled around, I decided to give the kit a try, just for the hell of it. And also because I wanted to make “mums for my mum” because I’m cheesy like that. The first batch turned out… ok.

They were kind of cute but I used the frosting recipe in the decorating manual and it was not good. Despite the completely mediocre taste though, I enjoyed decorating them. It was actually really fun to play with the frosting and I started reading a bunch of baking blogs. And thats when things really got crazy.

I found a recipe for a lemon blueberry cake that sounded fantastic and made it for my family. Not only was it DELICIOUS, but it looked super cute too! I was hooked.

And then the chocolate cupcakes with strawberry swiss merengue buttercream frosting (made with fresh strawberries!) which were unbelievable:

Look like roses, right? Kinda? I thought so anyways!

And the chocolate cupcakes filled with nutella, topped with nutella buttercream:

These were actually so good I made them a second time for my father in law’s birthday last month!

And last but not least, last night’s adventure– a snickerdoodle cake topped with brown sugar buttercream frosting.

The decorating on this one is a little…. rustic? But I was still pretty happy with how smooth I was able to get the frosting and I didn’t want it to look too “girly” since I made it for my dad’s birthday. I haven’t tasted it yet, but if the batter is any indication it might be my new favorite.

Until the next cake I make, no doubt.

What I’m saying here is… I have a problem. A baking problem. I’m hooked and I can’t stop! I only wish that I had more occasions to bake for, because if I didn’t keep waiting to bake until I could give my goodies away I would be in danger of being one of those people that needs a hole in the side of the house just to get out. And that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

Anyone else have a random off-registry gift turn into a fantastic new hobby?


6 thoughts on “Just call me Betty

  1. I am SO impressed by your frosting skills! I’ve never done more than use a spatula to dump some frosting on, or at best, cut a hole in the corner of a freezer bag. I think this was a great off-registry gift, because you’ve gotten quite talented!

    All of our off-registry gifts were fails. Like the solid crystal dish that might be an ashtray, or a bar soap holder, or maybe a nut dish? Or like cloth napkins that looked like they were the same orange fabric as my grandma’s old 70’s couch. Or the “salad on ice” bowl thing that looked like a giant plastic brandy sniffer. Yeah, our off-registry items were gems!

  2. @morgan- lol sounds as though you were not as lucky as we were… my brother and his wife got some off-the-wall gifts as well!

    @amanda- you should give it a try!

    @anna, valerie, lauren- thanks!

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