DIY Fall Wreath

As like many others, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with pinterest in the last few months (where was this website when I was planning a wedding?!) which has really increased my motivation both for craftiness (good) and baking (not always so good). One thing I started pinning a while ago were fall-themed wreaths.

I love wreaths but they’re always so expensive and I can never justify $40+ on something hardly anyone will see (I don’t have a lot of people over!). So when I saw the yarn/felt wreaths popping up everywhere I knew I wanted to make one. They are super cute and rustic looking, and it definitely looked like I could DIY it. The first one I saw that I really liked was this one:


I figured that buying some yarn to wrap around a wreath form was easy enough, so then I started googling tutorials on how to make different flowers. I liked the shape/idea of the wreath I found, but the flowers themselves weren’t my favorite. What I ended up loving were the felt poppies.

(Source/Tutorial here)

So, I headed to the store and bought:

Straw form – $2.49
1 scane yarn- $3.60 (5.99 + 40% off coupon)
7 sheets of ecofelt- 2.38 (34 cents per sheet)
1 bottle tacky glue- 2.79

= $11.26 for supplies (I already owned needle and thread)

It took me most of the afternoon yesterday, but I got a few flowers made and got the wreath wrapped. Wrapping it was actually surprisingly difficult because I bought a straw wreath rather than a foam one (both because it was a little thicker and also because it was cheaper). The surface was a bit bumpy though so the yarn didn’t want to sit where I put it and I actually had to wrap the whole thing twice!

I didn’t have a real plan I just decided to make a few flowers and play around with a design. Surprisingly, after making just two poppies and three rolled roses, I really liked the layout.

I also made the flowers detachable (I glued them to a piece of felt and tied the felt onto the wreath with yarn, rather than glueing the flowers directly to the yarn) so that I can make a new set of spring-colored flowers to tie on for spring!

I loved this craft because it was fun to do, looks just as good as the inspiration (in my opinion), and was cheap. These wreaths seem to be around $50-65 online, and I made mine for $12. It could have been even less if I’d known what I was doing. I only ended up using 4 sheets of felt (1 white, 1 red, 1 mustard, 1 black), and I could’ve done without the craft glue (I used it for the rolled roses, but I could’ve sewed them). Plus, for about $1 in new felt, I’ll be able to turn this wreath into a spring wreath!

And because I had a ton of left over yarn, and a craft M that I bought on clearance for under $2 a while back that has just been chilling on the mantel…

I decided to see if I could wrap it in yarn to give it a bit more color and texture. About half way through I really wished that my new last name started with a T or something without slanty edges… but I got it worked out:

It probably isn’t very durable because I didn’t really glue hardly any of it (a tiny dot to start and one to finish). I didn’t want to do too much gluing because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get it all wrapped and I didn’t want to ruin it if I had to disassemble it. I’m wondering if I can maybe spray it with some sort of clear glaze or something to make the yarn more stiff/permanent…. any thoughts?

p.s. I promise at some point I’ll start getting out my real camera and taking decent photos of things… the iPhone is just so easy!

Anyways… there is my weekend of craftiness. Anyone else get crafty this weekend?

6 thoughts on “DIY Fall Wreath

  1. Your wreath turned out great, and I really like the little accent flowers!

    I also was working on a wreath this weekend, but after two glue gun blisters, I decided to finish it another day.

  2. Mod Podge spray? That might help keep the yarn on the M in place. And thanks for the GREAT idea. Me and my fiance are getting married in March and I’m wanting to work on some cute wreaths and things with the letter C incorporated (my soon to be last initial) to start our married life with…and this inexpensive idea is perfect!

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