Reese’s cupcakes

We had a bonfire to attend last night, which seemed like the perfect excuse to try out a new recipe I’d been eyeballing. Reese’s cupcakes!

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t found that homemade chocolate cupcakes are really better than the boxed mix, so I went ahead and used one. This time I stopped at Target for the supplies rather than the grocery store, and they didn’t have the mix I usually use (Duncan Hines Devil’s Food), so I got a Pillsbury Dark Chocolate mix. I have to say…. not my favorite. It was still good (it’s chocolate cake, after all). But the Duncan Hines Devil’s food is much richer.

The frosting was super easy to make, and not nearly as fussy as swiss merengue buttercream. And, like the nutella buttercream, it stayed nice and soft rather than getting the dry texture of traditional buttercream. And, they were super pretty:

As for taste, I’m going to give them a B-. Unfortunately, they look better than they taste in my opinion. It might just be a matter of preference though, because my husband seems to really like them. I think they taste good, but when you think you’re getting reese’s……. they are just a bit lacking. I think the frosting isn’t quite peanut-buttery-enough for my tastes.

Nevertheless, it was fun to knock another recipe off of my to-make list!


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