September Progress

So, I mentioned at the start of September that I had a lot of projects that I wanted to do, and I wanted to start keeping track of them on the blog. Partially because it would keep me somewhat accountable to continuing the progress in our house, but also because it is just a good idea to write things down. I have a terrible memory– seriously the WORST. I can’t count the number of times I’ve decided I wanted to do something then forgot about it ten minutes later. My hope is that by keeping a running (and ever-changing, no doubt) list of projects I want to do, I’ll actually get them all done. Someday. Of course B and I have full time jobs and a limited budget, so I’m not looking to tackle everything at once.

My goal for September was simply to get curtains up in our bedroom. And? Success! I actually did a little more than I planned by getting drapes up in both our bedroom and our dining room, and also buying the fabric for the drapes in the great room.

I haven’t gotten the drapes for the great room up mostly due to the cost. We set a budget of $150 per month to spend on “household extras.” That includes not only my decorating projects, but also random things that we need for the house like furnace filters and cleaning supplies– so sometimes things just have to wait. The curtain rod I bought for the great room ended up being too short, and a longer one will run around $45. The rings I wanted to buy to hang them were going to run another $30. Add to that the cost of hiring someone to hang them, and it just wasn’t in the cards for September.

I also got a fall wreath made this month, so I’d say over all, I had a very successful September.

(Note: I have since lowered the wreath so that the door knocker is in the center).

Let’s take a look at the list, though, and see what is up next:

Bigger projects (due to time or money):
– stamped concrete patio (time(several weeks)/money(around 4k)) – estimated completion summer 2012 or 2013
– replace the flooring on the main level of the house with wood or bamboo (time(probably a month+)/money(no idea, but lots)) – estimated completion 2013 or 2014
– paint the guest bedroom/accent wall in the loft (time (a full day), we already have the paint) – hopefully by the end of 2011
– do a tile backsplash in the kitchen (time (1-2 days)/money($500ish?)) – not sure, hope to complete next summer if not earlier
– Build a curtain rod and make curtains for great room (time(1-2 days)/money($50ish to build rod, $300ish for fabric)) (Fabric bought, still need to make drapes/hang them)

Small projects (under $100/one afternoon):
– Cover existing pillows in great room with fun fabric
– make 1-2 pillows for bench in great room
– figure out a better design for mantel in great room
– redo top of cabinets in kitchen with fall/christmas decor
– paint tiny wall between great room and kitchen (this will make more sense with pictures)
– make chandeliers for breakfast nook and dining room
– Paint the back of the pantry door with chalkboard paint
– make a few wreaths for the front door (Fall wreath completed)
– hang some pictures/something on the wall behind our bed (maybe use my canvas prints groupon?)
– maybe do a photo wall leading up the stairs between the main level and master level
– recover pillows on the couch in the loft
– paint the bookcase in the loft a fun color (green?)
– new shower curtain/rug for guest bath
– paint the furniture in the guest room (headboard, 2 side tables, dresser)
– hang some photos/art in the guest room and maybe hallway upstairs
– organize my crafting stuff in the sewing room
– put contact paper design on our back door (you’ll have to trust me on this one)
– possibly putting a chair rail/batten board up in dining room?
– Hang curtain rods in bedroom and hem fabric I used in wedding to make curtains (DONE!)
– Put hardware on the cabinets in the kitchen

I thought that this month would lots of fall decorating, but I tried to start that last weekend and, as it turns out, I just don’t have that many decorations. With so many other projects I’d like to do, I’m not sure I want to spend the money on decorations that will be used for just a month or two, so I might have to let that idea go.

As for what I do plan to do, I know for sure that I want to use my groupons (expiring in just a few days) to buy three canvas prints. Which means I seriously need to decide where they will go, and what photos they will be! I am leaning towards honeymoon pictures… but you’ll just have to wait and see what I come up with. Because that is a must-do for this month, I think that my goal will be to decide on artwork either for the wall behind our bed, or for the wall leading up the stairs to our bedroom. Of course I’m liable to change my mind at any moment! Hanging things on the walls has always been a hard decision for me. Also, I’m toying with the idea of stenciling the wall in our loft rather than simply painting over it. I’ve been wanting to do a stencil for a while now, and It is kind of the perfect space because I already have the paint, it is relatively small, and if I hate it I can just paint over it! (Of course– for how much time it will take me, do I want to do a wall seen only by overnight guests? Something to sleep on).

So there you have it. September was a successful month, and I (mostly) have no idea what I want to do in October. Rest assured I’ll post as soon as I figure it out, though!


3 thoughts on “September Progress

  1. Having lists always help me to accomplish things. Good luck with the rest of your list, I look forward to seeing the canvases you pick out.

  2. @anna– I’ll have to play around with it. The problem is that i just have no idea what i want. One day I think I want 1inch glass mosaic tiles. Then I worry that those are going to go “out” too soon, then I want the longer 1×3 glass tiles. Then I say no… subway tiles is the way to go! I am just woefully bad at making decisions 🙂 You wanna just come decide for me? haha

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