The Wedding: Final Installment

When I left off last time, we were hiding in the stairwell while people quickly filed out of the ceremony space and downstairs for cocktail hour. Or at least, that was what was supposed to happen. You see, our wedding was supposed to go from 4:30-5:00, with family pictures from 5:05-5:20, and us getting announced at cocktail hour at 5:25. (I can hear all the married ladies out there laughing at me). Yea. That did not happen.

What actually happened was that our ceremony ran a bit over, ending at 5:05. And people didn’t so much “file quickly out of the space” as “linger and chat while being corralled downstairs by staff.” So it was about 5:20 by the time we STARTED our family photos. And the family photos didn’t happen quite as quickly as I would have hoped. Prior to the wedding, I had made a list of the shots we needed, printed it out and gave it to my bridesmaid who knows my whole family so she could be the organizer, and thought we could just whip through them one after another. But, organizing people to take photos is HARD. And then some people (*cough cough* the mothers *cough cough*) wanted more photos than we had agreed on– even though they approved the initial list. (Love you, moms! heh)

This was probably the closest I came to stressed-out-bride-chick all day because I honestly did not care that much about family pictures (I much prefer candids!) and I just wanted to GET THEM DONE so we could go hang out at cocktail hour. But, I kept my cool (mostly) and we got through it in about 25 minutes. Here is my fav pic of B, Stew, and I… please excuse the fact that the boning in my dress makes my boobs look huge(er) and about to pop out haha.

Then there was trying to bustle my dress. Did I mention that my dress had a 9 point asymmetrical bustle? One of my lovely bridesmaids had come with me to my last fitting to learn how to do it, and she did get it done the day of the ceremony (as fast as anyone could have, I’m sure), but it was still somewhat of an ordeal.

This picture kind of sums up the chaos.

By the time we got announced it was about 6pm!

Oh and the announcement? AWKWARD! We had cheaped out and decided not to get a dj, instead having B create an iPod playlist (more on that later) and asking my friend to MC. This friend is hilarious in real life… but I found his jokes slightly less funny when he went off-script at our wedding! I had told him that I wanted to be announced as B and Lyndsey HisLastName. It was kind of a big deal that I took B’s name because I didn’t initially plan to. But to be funny… he announced us as B and Lyndsey MyLastName. Ugh. So then people were confused. And then we came downstairs and they clapped and then….. stared at us. I think a lot of people probably do their first dance then? But we had not planned to… so it was awkward haha. Finally I just kind of said “Um… we’re not dancing now so you can all just go back to chatting…”. Public speaker, I am not.

So we mingled a bit during cocktail hour… but I had kind of thought that we’d be called up to dinner pretty soon since we were running late. Long story short… our beautiful cake topper?

Crashed and burned (i.e. toppled onto the floor and our heads popped off). So the venue was trying to fix that, and we didn’t get upstairs until about 6:45. I felt bad for our guests because I personally hate long cocktail hours as a guest… but there honestly wasn’t anything we could do about it so I had to just let it go.

When it was finally time to head upstairs, I was thrilled with how our dinner space looked!

We cut the cake (sans cake topper!)…

And we all sat down for dinner. Which ROCKED. We had dueling buffets of Mexican and Asian food. On the Mexican side there were enchiladas (chicken and cheese/onion), fajitas (chicken and beef) with all the fixin’s, rice, beans, and chips with several salsas and guacamole. On the Asian side there was General Tso’s chicken, egg rolls (both pork and veggie), veggie lo mein, and pork pot stickers. It was important to us to have food we actually liked rather than the standard rubber chicken dinner. And everything was AMAZING. (B had three plates!)

Once everyone had made their first pass at the buffet, we had speeches. I can’t remember the order, but I know that my dad, my MOH, and the Best Man all spoke. My dad’s was touching, if a bit hard to sit through. He’s one of those tough guys who is actually super emotional and he cried within about 10 seconds. It’s hard to watch someone you love so emotional!

Both the MOH and BM speeches were awesome and touching, even though I can’t really remember much of what was said. Note to future brides: have someone video your speeches! I do know that they had us laughing though.

Not the most flattering picture ever, but it completely conveys how much fun we were all having.

Next up, B took the microphone to thank everyone for coming and spending the day with us. I loved that he did this because he is not at all comfortable in front of groups, so it really took a lot of courage for him to get up and talk in front of so many people. He was also super cute and funny. I think in this picture he was saying how wedding planning was harder than he thought, and he didn’t know there were so many different colors of napkins, or that the color of napkin even mattered.

He also thanked me for doing most of the planning and making a beautiful wedding, which was incredibly touching because for a lot of the fifteen months we were engaged I felt like I was dragging him along in the process (I’m sure other brides can relate!).

After dinner and cake (which was sooo good, by the way), we all went back downstairs for dancing. First up was B’s and my first dance– Come Away With Me by Norah Jones.

And then I danced with my dad…

And B danced with his mom…

And then we opened the dance floor! I’m hesitant to say that the dancing was my favorite part of the day because I have SO many favorite parts (first look, saying “I do”, B’s speech, our first dance), but I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun in my life. The playlist that B made was AMAZING. You know when you’re listening to the radio and a song comes on and you’re like, OMG I LOVE THAT SONG! Everyone was doing that all. night. long. He did such a great job and the dance floor was absolutely packed. Except, of course, for during Michael Jackson’s Thriller when a spontaneous dance circle formed for people to show off their skillz one at a time! Some of my favorite pictures from the night:

(B dancing with my dad)

(B fist pumping with my MOH’s husband)

(How goofy is my husband?!)

(Yes, he is doing the worm)

(break dancing, obv. haha)

(My adorable parents)

(I have no explanation for this…)

The night was over way too soon. When the time for our last dance came, EVERYONE was still there, crowded onto the dance floor. I was so sad that it was over so soon… but at the same time it felt good to go out on a “high note.” There are worse things than having to kick people out at the end of your wedding because they are still having so much fun!

Whew… and thus ends the longest post EVER. I might have a few more thoughts about the wedding I share later… but I hope my recaps can do it justice. It was, as it should be, one of the best days of my life so far.


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