Honeymoon to Kauai, Pt. 1 (Hawaii is far away; and settling in)

I haven’t made any progress on household projects this month (although I have plans for this weekend!), so I thought I’d recap our amazing honeymoon!

After the wedding, we had a week to wait for our honeymoon (9 days actually, but who is counting. Oh wait, me). B has a hard time taking the first week of any month off, but I really wanted to get married in February, so it was just the way it had to be. We flew out the second Monday after our wedding. It took three planes to get there, and we arrived at the teeny tiny Lihue airport on Kauai about 9pm. We went to pick up our rental car, and then headed to the nearest grocery store. We had heard that it was a good idea to get groceries for the week when you were in the main town because food near the resorts was much more expensive. So we powered through the tired and got some food for the week (our room had a kitchen).

Then we drove the hour(ish) up the coast to Princeville, and arrived at the Westin Princeville Kauai around 11:30pm. Now I have to be honest here… the first official 12 hours of our honeymoon were not what I’d call awesome. By the time we got to the hotel we’d been up for almost a full day (there is a 5 hour time difference so it was 4:30am “our time”). I hadn’t eaten all that much and between that and the planes and the sleep deprivation I felt pretty sick the first night and was up half the night feeling crappy. Not exactly the romantic first night I’d hoped for… but it happens. Then we woke up and realized that we were in a ground floor room with our patio looking out on some… bushes. And a rooster.

**Side note** did you know that Hawaii has a rooster problem? They were brought in as food but because they have no natural predators, they have now populated the islands to the point of overrunning them! The locals call them flying rats. I thought they were pretty funny though! ****

Anyways, a huge part of the reason we had booked this hotel was because every room has a patio or balcony and it is billed to have amazing views from every room. We had SO enjoyed sitting on the balcony on our Mexico vacation, and it was important to us to have a great view. So, we were disappointed. Which meant I was going to embarrass B (for the first time as his wife, awwwww lol) and call the front desk to ask to be moved. I simply explained that we had booked this hotel for their claims of spectacular views… and the room we were given was just not living up to our expectations.

Lucky for us, they were able to find us a new room within a few hours, and it was FABULOUS. Check out this view (which B admitted was TOTALLY worth this mild embarrassment).

Now, you might notice that we’re not on the beach. In fact, the Westin Princeville doesn’t have a beach. We were fully aware of that and purposefully chose this hotel because to be honest, we’re not big ocean people. We like looking at it, but we’re not ones to need to go in it every day. This hotel looked really nice and had full kitchens in every room (which we liked so we wouldn’t be eating out every meal), and was up on a bluff (*foreshadowing*). We were thrilled with the view and loved our new room.

For our first trip out of the resort, we decided to visit Queen’s bath, which was only five minute from our hotel. This would become the first of many times we thought we might die on our honeymoon. (Kauai is beautiful but it is definitely somewhat adventuresome! Great for those who like a little excitement on vacation). See, the problem is that the guidebook said that it was a relatively easy 10 minute hike down to Queen’s bath. But I think that the term “easy” means very very different things in Kauai and Ohio. I have no pictures of our trip down because I thought I was going to die. I was a total idiot and wore platform flip flops. The path was nothing but slick red clay. It was very narrow, and very steep. At some points, you had to climb/hop off rocks to get where you were going. And all near a steep drop-off. I kept begging B not to fall and die. He kept begging the same of me. But– after a super scary trip down, the result was absolutely and totally worth it. We were first met with the attraction’s death toll. Like I said– Kauai is a bit dangerous!

And then we found out we’d have to hike another 10-15 minutes across the lava rocks to actually get to the bath. We met more warnings, but we had come this far and we were not turning back!

The views of our walk across the lava field…

Breathtaking, right? And the bath itself was amazing. Although the waves crashing over the ledges kept us from actually climbing down into it.

On our walk back, we even saw a sea turtle! I was SO excited about this because I feel like turtles kind of follow me on vacation (or maybe I follow them?).

I was a bit more confident on our hike back up to the car, and managed to snap a picture of the first (of many) waterfalls we’d see on the island:

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and lounging by the pool:

On our second day, we took a drive farther up the coast, and stopped at a few scenic points including a taro field, an unnamed (I think?) beach along side the road, and He’e Beach.

We then drove farther north until we ran out of road at the Kalalau Trail

On our way back, we stopped for the most famous burritos on the island.

That evening we visited Hanalei Pier… again, just beautiful.

(be kind… it was the end of a very action-packed day!)

Stay tuned for Pt. 2!


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