Gas stations: 1; Us: 0

In our area, we have a grocery store (Giant Eagle) who has a gas/food savings program. Here is the way it works: For every $50 you spend in food, you get 20 cents/gallon discount put onto your savings card. For every 10 gallons of gas you get, you get 1% off your food discount applied to your savings card. I always like to save up my fuel perks until I can get free gas, and then I let my car run down to E and fill up on 13.5 glorious gallons of FREE gas.

I’ve done this for years, but recently I decided to get a bit thriftier. The rules of the program allow you to fill up three 5-gallon gas cans in addition to your car when you’re using your fuel perks (but you are NOT allowed to fill up 2 cars at once. because that would be too easy. sigh). It always seemed like a pain in the ass but every since I got my RAV4 I noticed that I’m going through more gas. Duh, SUV, I know. So I decided that it would be totally worth it to buy gas cans and start filling them up whenever I got free gas. That way I get two free tanks rather than one. WIN.

Or so I thought.

I was so excited and cocky about this plan that I even posted a picture to Facebook the first time I filled my gas cans up.

Almost 26 gallons of free gas had me wondering why I hadn’t done this years ago.

Until today.

I was finally back down to E (it took about three weeks because I don’t drive much), and decided to try to fill the tank with our gas cans.

Yea… um… easier said that done.

1) Gas comes out of gas cans slowwwwwwwly. Seriously. It took us probably a good twenty minutes (+) to mostly empty the cans.

2) The cans are HEAVY. Which makes holding them up for that long really really hard. Especially without scratching my car. Which I kinda did.

3) Gas cans are not really designed all that well for getting gas into the car. When you start to tip the can up, it hits the top of the opening for gas tank, and you can’t actually get probably the last 1-1.5 gallons out from the can.

4) When you call a friend to ask what to do and they tell you to swing the can around so it is upside down? DON’T LISTEN. Gas on me. Gas on B. Gas on car. Gas on the driveway. I’ve scrubbed my skin twice and I still feel like I smell like gas.

5) Headache. When dealing with open containers of gas for 20+ minutes, it gives you a raging headache. Even when you do it outside in open air on a windy day and make an effort to keep your face away from the fumes.

Blech. So here is the count. Car is full… so I guess… win? Kinda? but really not at all because it took forever, gave us headaches, and got gas all over us and the car. And I have no idea how you’re actually supposed to get the rest of the gas out of the containers.

So um, I’m going to go ahead and call this a loss. I don’t really think that the free gas was worth it. Unless I’m missing something? Anyone have any secret tips to make this process not suck so much?

I guess I’m stuck with gas stations from here on out.


4 thoughts on “Gas stations: 1; Us: 0

  1. Try removing the nozzle to let out pressure in the can right before you want to pour the gas in. There should be a little plastic piece you can pop off to help relieve that pressure but sometimes it doesn’t get all the pressure out. Another idea is not to fill the gas cans as full.

  2. The issue was really primarily the angle. I don’t think the nozzles on gas cans are long enough, so its just reallyreallyreally hard to get the last gallon or so out. I don’t know why they don’t have longer spouts like the pumps at the gas station. B said we should get a funnel for next time, which would probably help. But much scrubbing, 2 advil, and a glass of water later… my headache says there may not be a next time. :/

  3. Well ours is technically 10cents off/$50 but they have “double rewards” basically all the time which is why I say it is 20 cents off. But yea– they add up pretty fast! Especially if you buy gift cards. We did that when we bought our couch and also when we bought our tv, and we got like 4 free fill-ups for each purchase 🙂

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