Sometimes you win, sometimes you get rained on.

I had two projects in mind for the day.

The first was making my own chalkboard paint, which I’ve seen all over the blogosphere and pinterest lately. I was tempted to just buy chalkboard paint because I didn’t care *that* much about making my own color, but a quart of the pre made paint is $15 and me, being the cheapo that I am, didn’t want to pay for it.

So I bought what I needed and thought this would be a super quick project. Well… long story short… it didn’t work. Sigh. Don’t you just hate that feeling of putting your effort into something and having it be a complete flop?

Anyways, I have one more idea of how to make it work, but I can’t do it today. After I buy what I need and see if I’m right, I’ll do a full post this project and whether or not it worked.

The second project was to get things started for my gallery wall up our stairs. This actually wasn’t a flop… but it was (of course) more difficult than anticipated. I scavenged some frames I had sitting around unused, and found 12 in various sizes. It is only a half stairwell, so I’m hoping that it is enough.

Then I wiped them all down (a lot of them were upwards of a decade old and VERY dusty), and popped the backing and glass out of each. Which only worked some of the time. Let’s just say there were pliers involved. And also simple ripping apart of pieces which will later need to be glued back together.

I bought some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, because I wanted all of the frames to match in color. They were originally plastic, metal, and different shades of wood. Then, because it was a beautiful sunny afternoon with barely a cloud in the sky… I laid a large piece of plastic (leftover from painting our house) in the driveway and laid out all the frames. I applied two thin layers of spray paint, and then went inside to let them cure. I set the timer for 45 minutes.

When the time was up, I headed back outside and….. total grey skies threatening to rain any moment! Freaking Ohio. I swear. So I quickly got two more thin layers onto the frames and then dragged the entire plastic into the garage behind B’s car. I no sooner got the garage door shut than it started raining.

I’m going to let them dry a few hours before I bring them in. I am just hoping that my four thin layers of spray paint will provide enough coverage. It looked like they were covered, but it was so dark out by the time I was finished it was honestly hard to tell.

Next up for this project is figuring out what to put in all the frames, and then actually deciding on an arrangement and hanging them up!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you win, sometimes you get rained on.

  1. I hate it when the weather interferes with projects! I can’t wait to see the completed product though – I bet it’s going to look fabulous!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! I’m somewhat resigned to rain because I feel like most days come with that threat here… but its unexpected rain that really grinds my gears (lol). I just couldn’t believe how fast it came on from totally blue skies to rain in under an hour!

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