Random Ring Tip

So I’m kind of dumb sometimes. Shocking, I know. When I got home from work on Monday I gave the picture frames for the gallery wall another quick once over with spray paint. In my work clothes. I KNOW. But they were already in the garage (not windy) and I was being careful so I was like whatever it’s fine.

And I didn’t get any paint on my clothes (I don’t think?). But yesterday morning I was sitting here working and I noticed my rings. They had spray paint on them! Ack! Not a lot, but tiny little splatters on the side including UNDER the solitaire. I freaked out a little.

Then I remembered a tip I read online (I wish I could remember exactly where!) about a home method of ring cleaning. I put some tap water into a mug and heated it up in the microwave. I added a squirt of liquid dish soap and some windex, and stirred it up. Then I dropped my rings into the steaming water and let them soak for a few hours until the water was cold.

When it was time to take them out not only did the paint come off, they were every bit as sparkly as when you get them steamed at the jewelry store! Amazing!

Now I wouldn’t warrant that this method is absolutely safe because I don’t know a lot about jewelry, but I figure that its kind of hard to hurt diamonds and platinum so I’ll probably keep doing it.

Lessons learned?

1) Don’t spray paint with your rings on.
2) If you do, hot water + liquid dish soap + windex = miracle!


2 thoughts on “Random Ring Tip

  1. Ugh, I do this all the time (spray paint or do something else dumb, like cutting raw chicken, with my rings on). I’ll have to try this next time I end up with little flecks of brown paint on my rings! Last time it took a lot of scrubbing, and repeated soakings in my regular jewelry cleaner solution to get the paint off, and this sounds a lot easier.

  2. Just used spray glitter today…. wondering if any got under that diamond of mine, hmmm. My jeweler (and good friend) recommended half and half: hot water and Mr. Clean, but not the green kind, just the yellow or blue. Soak it and use a soft toothbrush to get in all the nooks and crannies. Super close to your concoction ~xo

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