The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back (Because apparently I am un-embarrass-able…)

This blog post was born for several reasons.

1) I haven’t posted for a while because I haven’t much done much around the house in a week. Which led me to wonder… what free things around here need to get done and won’t take long?

2) The reason I originally started this blog way back when was to encourage me to do small things around my house to keep myself organized, rather than letting everything build up until the whole house is a mess.

3) My parents got me a clarisonic for my birthday. It was an awesome gift because I’ve been wanting one but they’re more than I would usually spend on a beauty product, and it even came in a fun pattern!

But it was also something else to put on my bathroom counter. Which is an area that I always struggle to keep clean. I just have too much STUFF. And I had made a habit of tossing random half used (or almost empty) products under the counter in no particular order which meant I never wanted to put stuff I actually used much under there or else it would be lost and never found again.

And yet once I got the Clarisonic set on the counter, it was just one too many things and I couldn’t handle it. I felt like I couldn’t grab anything without knocking something over.

And this is an area that always annoys B. You’ll notice his half of the counter is completely empty.

So, I decided to finally do something about it. Go through everything under the bathroom counter, toss the old stuff and the empty contact solution boxes (seriously there was like 4 under there, what was I thinking?), and come up with some sort of organization that would allow me access to what I needed without keeping everything up on the counter. And because I am (apparently) un-embarrassable, I thought I’d share the before/after with the world (or um, approximately 40 people that wordpress tells me stop by every day). Lo and behold…. my super crazy messy bathroom cabinets completely uncensored:

Everything is all piled on top of each other without regard to whether it is for hair, makeup, body, or bath. I kept all of the makeup and face products I wear on a daily basis in the pink flowered bag because it had a zipper and I knew anything outside of that bag might never be seen again. And every time I tried to pull out the blow dryer three bottles of one thing or another fell onto the floor tangled in the cords. Ugh. Chaos!

So I pulled everything out, and started tossing everything that was either old, almost empty, or I simply had no intention of using. Then I organized things by purpose. When B got home from work last night, this is what he walked into:

At first he was a little concerned at the mess but I told him things had to get worse before they could get better. Then he tried to help but he kept knocking things over so I banished him from the bathroom.

It took a bit of strategizing, but I finally figured out a system that made sense to me and got it all put back together:

While it might not look that much less crowded, everything is now organized in a way that I know where it is and I can get to it. I have a small wired basket on the far right that holds my hair brushes, and the wicker basket immediately to its left holds all my hair products, blow dryer and straightener, and all my hair ties/clips/head bands in the pink flowered makeup case. Behind that are my less used hair items (hot rollers, travel straightener, velcro rollers). In the middle are extra bath products (shampoo, conditioner, and body wash I’ve not yet opened) and bubble baths. On the left side in the back is a basket that has my less-used face and body products like face scrub and sunscreen, and it also has my travel bags and all my travel sized toiletries so I don’t have to buy all new ones every time we fly (how many mini bottles of hair spray does a person need?). And in the front left corner is a tray with all of my makeup, which I organized into types:

This was most exciting to me because it has been SO long since I’ve been able to find most of my makeup. I now actually have choices when it comes it eyeshadow! Most of the eye shadows in there have actually never even been used, so its kind of like I just went shopping. For free. In my own stuff!

The best part is that everything is organized into baskets so that I can easily pull out one at a time and then replace it when I’m done. And doing this freed up a ton of counter space, leaving just the stuff that I use every single day out on the counter.

So, that’s how I spent 2 hours last night. It wasn’t fun but I’m super happy to have it done and it always makes me feel good to tackle a really unorganized area that I encounter every day. It almost makes me want to clean my closet. (I said almost). Anyone else do any organizing recently?


4 thoughts on “The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back (Because apparently I am un-embarrass-able…)

  1. Our bathroom cabinet and drawers are crazy! I hope to change that after we move, but for now I’m feeling the organization bug in packing, sorting for donation and throwing out all of the junk that we don’t use.

  2. That looks so great!

    We have been trying to organize the whole house before we move so we don’t fall into our old habits once we move. My own counter looks like that which is why I bought a vanity table for the new house, so my mess won’t disrupt my husbands space.

  3. Thanks all!

    @Amanda- I don’t know what your current living situation is, but if your new house is much bigger than your old than I’ll tell you it will be sooo much easier. I’m really shocked at how much easier this place is to keep organized just because for the most part there is actually room for everything! But the small spaces do still tend to get messy when you don’t keep an eye on them 🙂

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