My Pinterest Challenge Project (Fall 2011)

As I’ve mentioned before, I love pinterest! And I’ve actually done a few projects from it before, like my chalkboard paint and my fall wreath, not to mention a ridiculous number of baked goods that have been made (including cookies today. Oops).

So when Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power Blog posted last week about their second installment of their pinterest challenge, obviously I was game! Basically the challenge is to just actually MAKE something that you pinned.

I had a few ideas on which project to do, but I was feeling kind of lazy today so I decided to go for a project I thought would go pretty quick. Surprisingly though, I LOVE the result and I am so excited about this project!

Let’s get started. Here was my inspiration:

Unfortunately I caught this as a re-pin and it was not linked to original source material. If anyone knows where this came from originally let me know and I’ll source it! (UPDATED! SOURCE HERE)

It’s a little surprising that I liked this photo so much because in general, I hate hearts. I hate heart jewelry, I hate heart decorations, I’m not a valentines girl. But something about this just caught my eye. I think because from a distance it doesn’t look like much, but when you get closer it is a very personal and graphic representation of the course of your relationship. And I’m still in a bit of that newlywed glow that makes me a little too excited about all things relationship-focused. Plus, I’m planning to do a gallery wall going up the stairs in our home and I wanted to have varied things in frames so it wasn’t just all photos.

My goal for this project was to spend $0. I have a closet upstairs full of random decorating stuff that I’m not using, which is where I scavenged all of the frames for my gallery wall project (that is ongoing). One tip that I’d give people is to not focus JUST on picture frames, but also framed art that people give you that isn’t necessarily meant to be replaced. This is what this frame originally looked like.

I hope no one thinks I’m horrible for repurposing this… but it just wasn’t our style. I can’t remember where I got it either. I think it was maybe part of a gift for my wedding shower? But I wasn’t digging the colors or the overtly religious tone. So I ripped off the wood backing (it got destroyed in the process, oops), and spray painted the frame oil rubbed bronze. I actually did that before I snapped the photo above, the frame was originally a medium wood tone that matched nothing in our house.

Next, I pulled up maps of where we got engaged, married, and honeymooned on google maps. I actually searched for the addresses because I wanted the little red “A” bubble. If you don’t want that, you can just zoom in to find where you want. Then, I took a screen shot of the map (shift + command + 4 on a mac). I printed the maps on some resume paper I had because I thought it would be thicker and hold up a bit better over time. Then I free-handed a heart by folding a square in half just like they teach you in 2nd grade. And traced the heart over each map.

I cut out the hearts, and then glued them to a larger piece of card stock I had left over from making our wedding ceremony programs. One great thing about weddings (particularly if you DIY’d them) is that you have a huge stock of crafting supplies left over for future projects! Glueing the hearts was a little tricky. Ideally I’d have used a glue stick because they stick well and don’t wrinkle your paper. Unfortunately I used up my last glue sticks on a wedding project and I didn’t want to go out and buy more just for this, so I just used some plain white glue I had laying around. I tried to apply it very thinly, but the hearts still wrinkled a little.

As for the writing beneath the hearts, I didn’t love how the labels were on a different piece of paper on the inspiration photo. I wanted them written directly onto the “mat.” The problem is that my hand writing is TERRIBLE. And not in a unique and kitschy kind of way that is hard to read but pretty. More in a it-looks-like-a-five-year-old-wrote-this kind of way. So I downloaded a free font that I really liked that looked like handwriting (here), and typed out what I wanted and then printed it. Then I just put the printed words behind the mat and traced over them with an acid-free fine tipped marker. Printing on the bottom, my tracing on the top. Not bad, right?

Then I re-assembled my frame with the glass, mat/hearts, and I just flipped over the previous art as a backing. I needed something else to use as backing as well, however, because the current backing wasn’t thick enough. So I cut out a piece of cardboard to the right size and taped it on.

And that is it! Well, mostly, I still need to get some mounting hardware (although I have seen online that you can use pop tabs as diy’d mounting hardware so I might try that) and get it hung. I probably won’t do that until I’m ready to do the whole gallery wall though. But just so you can see how cute it looks against the blue wall…

I love it! It honestly turned out better than I even expected.

Someone in the house was slightly less than impressed though. He would like the world to know he finds my crafting boring. Yawn.

Quietly judging me from the top of the stairs.

You’re so boring.

Even so, how cute are those ears?!

I’m sorry, but this is what happens when I have a camera in my hand. It is inevitable. I have like, 2000 photos on my iPhone. Almost all of them of the pets.

ANYWAYS! Back to the topic at hand… I am calling this project a total success. I love the outcome, and I love that it cost me $0.

Anyone else participate in the pinterest challenge this week?


19 thoughts on “My Pinterest Challenge Project (Fall 2011)

  1. Love it! Turned out really great! I saw the Pinterest challenge and wondered if I could count my book table? On a side note, I hate when I catch something on a re-pin on Pinterest and can’t find the original source. Drives me crazy.

  2. What a neat idea..I think I saw it from first but she could have gotten it else I not sure!

  3. Your project turned out awesome! I like that you used satellite pictures, it puts an even more interesting edge on the piece.
    I’m just as guilty when it comes to pet photos…they’re just too cute, aren’t they!

  4. I love art with sentimental value – this is so sweet! The font is a great find, too.

    And I know a couple of others have mentioned this but it was so smart of you to use satellite images. I saw this on Pinterest before and thought, well that’s awesome, but if I had a cool-looking old map I wouldn’t want to dismember it.

    Problem solved!

  5. Thanks all!! Also, holy cow… I think this might be a record for comments for me lol.

    @lauren- we met, married, and live in Columbus so I thought that would be boring and changed it up haha

    @amanda- you can totally count it! You’re just ahead of the game!

    @krysta- no way! He’s all mine. 🙂 Except when he’s being a pain in the ass. Then you can borrow him. lol

    @kait- the font was actually a pinterest find too! It’s kind of endless. And yea… I just printed out google maps because I’m cheap like that. haha

    @Elizabeth- thank you! I will update with the right source.

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