Man… I was doing so good there for a while! All those multi-post weeks, then I went and got lazy and it all went to hell. Apologies.

Spoiler alert: I’m probably not going to accomplish my November goals.

Sigh. There’s always next month to be uber productive, right?

Anyways… you might have heard that Thanksgiving is this Thursday. (B asked me if it was on Wednesday or Thursday this year. Oh boys… lol). My family isn’t really much for sentimentality and we’ve never been the “everyone say what you’re thankful for” type. But the truth is, we have a lot to be thankful for. I do make a habit of making a mental list of the things I’m thankful for on a nightly basis. Especially when I’m feeling cranky about something because generally whatever I’m feeling cranky about is what my friends and I like to call a #firstworldproblem.

Example: Tonight I’ve been super annoyed because our internet is slow and its been making my Netflix unreliable to watch Ghost Whisperer. Yes really. #firstworldproblems.

I know, I have it rough, right? This is why I feel it is necessary to acknowledge nightly the million things I’m ridiculously thankful for. Otherwise my karma would be in the toilet.

So I could wax poetic about the standard stuff.. family (new husband and pets included!), my friends, my home, our jobs, the fact that I was born in America and not in some field somewhere, the fact that I was born into a time with flush toilets… for all of these things, I am very grateful. But you probably are too. These are not original.

Instead, here’s five things I’m grateful for that are a bit less of a given:

1) The Daily Show. I have a huge crush on John Stewart. If I couldn’t laugh about what’s happening in our country four days per week for half an hour, I might have to stop watching the news.

2) A nice boss. For as much as he drives me crazy sometimes, I know I’m lucky to have a boss I actually like.

3) Daylight savings time. I know most people hate that it gets dark early, but I kind of love it. Nights starting at 5pm are pretty much perfect for a total hermit night-owl.

4) Movie nights in. B and I started movie nights every Friday in October. We (okay, I) plan to revive the tradition for Christmas movies. Movies + husband + couch + blanket + popcorn = basically my perfect night.

5) Pinterest. My new obsession/time-suck.

What random thing are you thankful for this year?


What I’ve been up to (Dog park and Christmas shopping)

Well… there has not been much crafting going on around here lately but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything with my weekends. Mostly we’ve been trying to enjoy every last bit of this beautiful fall weather we’ve been having before it gets too cold!

Last weekend we took Stew to the dog park. It was the first time in kind of a long time because he hurt his back a while back and I was nervous about him running too hard. Because see… when Stew plays, he plays HARD. A few of my favorite dog park moments… I love the second pic with the other dog basically stepping on his head hahaha.

He had so much fun! Then I felt guilty for not taking him more often… Oops!

This weekend we had another beautiful Saturday so B and I headed to the outlet mall to start our Christmas shopping. Now usually I’m the type that refuses to do anything Christmas-y before Thanksgiving.

Not that I don’t love Christmas, I do! I absolutely love everything about it from the music, to the decorations, the gifts, the holiday gatherings, etc. I just like to take things one holiday at a time. But this year… well the whole world seems to have exploded in Christmas already and I can’t help but feel the Christmas vibe a bit early. I’m not decorating yet (although I might if B let me!), but I was totally excited to start our Christmas shopping.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a super great day at the outlet (buying-wise anyways). Which is probably because we didn’t have a plan, really. But we did get two gifts knocked our list, and from one of my favorite stops at the outlet, the Coach store!

The first is a scarf for my sister in law. I was totally clueless about what to buy her because I’ve not actually bought her a gift before! I mean I guess I got her gifts for her wedding shower and wedding (but those don’t really count), and for Christmases past I’ve just done joint gifts for her and my brother– mostly stuff for their house. This year though I wanted to try actually buying her something. I know she loves coach because she has several purses (at least two of which have the classic C design), and I thought this scarf was really pretty and kind of a safe-bet.

Plus, I got a great deal. Original price was $129, it was marked down to $79 because it was at the outlets, and with my 30% off coupon, it came in at $55. Perfect!

Next up was a purse for B’s sister. She loves purple and she lives in NYC, so I thought that she could use a small purse that she could keep close and wouldn’t get in the way.

And again, a great deal MSRP was $158, marked down to $149 for the outlet, and marked 50% off which made it $75.

I also went on a bit of a nail polish splurge. See, I looooove nail polish and especially somewhat fun/trendy colors. I’m not very trendy in most of my fashion choices but nail polish is cheap and easy to change. A while back my mom mentioned that she was bored of her nail polish and most of it was old, and maybe I could get her some new ones for her birthday (which is just before Thanksgiving). Talk about a fun assignment! I got a few at the outlet mall, but honestly they weren’t that great a price. Then after we had gotten back to Columbus, we stopped at Ulta (love!) and they were having a sale on their Ulta brand professional polishes, buy two get two free. I hadn’t tried it before but I tested some on one of my nails (or um, tested many on all of my nails), and it seemed like a good consistency so I decided to give it a try. Behold my mom’s new nail polish collection:

I got her three of the more expensive OPI in what I think are really classic hues, as well as the OPI base coat that I love. I also got her seven of the Ulta brand polishes including a white and pink for french manicures, a sparkly polish for weekends, and four other colors I thought she’d love. I also plan to get her a bottle of Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat, which is by far my favorite top coat. I think its a nice varied collection that should keep her in pretty nails for quite a long time.

I also decided to pick up a few polishes for the secret santa on B’s side of the family. The name I drew is B’s uncle’s girlfriend’s daughter (did you follow that? hah). I don’t know her at all. I met her once, but I don’t think I did more than say hi to her, and pretty much all I know about her is that she is a 20ish year old girl. I figured nail polish is a pretty safe gift, and a pretty fun gift when there is a lower dollar amount price cap on the gift giving. Her colors:

I did a pink/white for french manicures again because I think everyone should have that combo, and then two fun glitter polishes.

And, of course, I couldn’t go and buy all these polishes without buying any for myself, so I picked up these two super fun bottles:

You’ll notice that I got that same pink/silver sparkle polish for all three of us, that is how much I love it! I just think it is such a fun color that looks festive for the holidays, but could also work for summer. Let’s hope everyone likes glitter as much as I do!

So… that is what I’ve been up to when I’ve not been crafting. Anyone else start their holiday shopping already? Or am I totally jumping the gun here?

A Day in the Life (Sorry my life is not more interesting)

Haven’t had much going on home-wise so when I saw two bloggers that I read do “day in the life” posts yesterday, I thought why not! Especially because as someone who works primarily at home, I feel like a lot of people somehow think I don’t actually work or I’m just housewife with a paycheck haha.

But, I’ll have to apologize in advance that my day-to-day is not all that interesting! Anyways… here we go!

7:30- Stew wakes us up whining so I trick him into following me out into the hall, and then go back to bed. This works every morning to get an extra 15 minutes.

7:35- B and I discuss our weird dreams, the Joepa thing, and what we’ll do this weekend (outlets!)

7:42- Our alarm goes off and B gets up to feed the pets and let Stew out. I always need an extra few minutes in bed to wake up, so I check phone to see if I have any super urgent email, then check Facebook.

7:50- I get up, brush my teeth, and head downstairs.

7:52- I make B’s lunch: pbj sandwich with sun chips and yellow cherry tomatoes. I make myself two pieces of peanut butter toast and some hot chocolate, and give stew his morning pill.

8:00- I sit down to eat breakfast and respond to work emails that came in overnight.

8:10- I call a judge’s chambers about status conference that is happening this morning and leave a message because they don’t open until 8:30.

8:11- I check facebook/reader/twitter/cnn while intermittently responding to work emails as they come in about the morning status conference. I say goodbye to B as he heads off to work about 8:45.

9:00- I call the judge’s chambers again about conference because I hadn’t heard back, and update my boss on what I found out.

9:05- I receive and respond to emails about upcoming trial in another case.

9:10- I make a call to threaten an opposing counsel with sanctions in a third case about discovery production thats been avoided and leave a message.

9:15- I receive a call from boss about status conference.

9:17- I begin reading a 230 page deposition transcript for a 4th case.

9:35- I send and receive a few emails with a witness for an upcoming trial.

9:40- Back the the deposition

9:45- Receive urgent email regarding status conference, find documents requested, respond to email.

10:00- Back to deposition

10:05- I check Facebook and get distracted by the fact that my cousin started a new business; e-stalk her website (of course).

10:10- Back to deposition!
10:12- I receive an urgent email and also my first ever TEXT from an opposing counsel (seriously, who texts opposing counsel?).

10:15- I check to see if my favorite blog has posted yet. They have! Read blog post.

10:17- Back to deposition

11:10- I give up on the deposition for the day at page 99; I check work email and respond to a few things. I check facebook/twitter– nothing interesting.

11:15- I head upstairs to take a quick shower (and miss a work call, of course). I dress in jeans and a v-neck t-shirt, my usual (if I’m not wearing yoga pants!). I don’t bother with makeup or blow drying my hair most weekdays unless I have a meeting.

11:32- I throw a load of darks in the washing machine.

11:35- I head back to the computer to check work email and respond.

11:40- I head out to the bank to deposit a check for a client. I just make it into my car when I get a call from an attorney wanting to talk about the morning status conference. Spend half an hour talking to him.

12:10- I finally pull out of driveway. I head to the bank and stop to pick up lunch on the way home. I usually let myself get lunch out once per week. Yay for Cane’s today.

12:53- I get home and check email– 10 new work emails. I respond to the urgent ones and set the rest aside for after lunch.

1:00- I sit down to eat and turn on an episode of dead zone on netflix that I didn’t finish yesterday. I pop on Facebook.

1:25- I answer the rest of the emails that have come in.

1:40- I get sucked into an email chain with B about what days he should take off for the holidays. Looks like he’ll have off the whole week between Christmas and New Years… yay for stay-cation! (Assuming I can get the time off).

1:50- I head back to work emails, responding to new ones that have come in (never. ending. email).

2:00- I call a lawyer on an old case to follow up on settlement payment he should have sent last week but did not, I leave a message.

2:05- I send a bunch of emails about finding and organizing documents for an upcoming case.

2:22- Internet break to check twitter/reader/cnn, start dishwasher.

2:40- I begin research on several issues to determine whether or not we will take on a new potential case (intermittently checking and responding to email).

4:20- I take stew for a walk and call my mom to say hello.

4:50- I head back to researching.

5:13- I draft a memo to my boss based on my research with a recommendation regarding whether to accept the new case or not.

5:45- B gets home and laughs at me because I forgot to turn the lights on and I’m now sitting in complete darkness working.

5:50- I finalize and send memo to my boss, and get up to make dinner. B plays with Stew.

6:15- Dinner is done (fajitas!), and B and I eat dinner in the man cave while watching last night’s Daily Show– our daily routine. When that is done we flip around the various cable news networks to catch news on the Penn State situation. B feeds Stew.

7:00- B unloads the dishwasher and cleans up the dinner and cooking dishes. I change back into pjs and put the clothes into the dryer. Treats all around for the pets.

7:15- Snuggle time… for the pets! lol. We watch two episodes of big bang theory under blankets with Stew on me and Milo on B.

8:15- I head upstairs to the great room to catch up on my DVR’d shows that B hates (Criminal Minds and Psych), and then watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. B stays downstairs in the man cave to watch Ultimate Warrior and some dvr’d video game shows. We usually spend Thursday nights apart catching up on all the shows we love that the other hates.

And now.. I’m blogging! But I assure you the rest of the evening will be web surfing and tv watching… capped off with bed around 11:30 or 12.

So, that was my day! I would say it was a fairly typical work from home day, except that I had more phone calls than usual in the morning due to the status conference that was happening (that I didn’t even have to participate in!). It also meant that I had one of those days where I felt like I was kind of busy all day but I don’t feel like I actually accomplished that much. Maybe I should send this to my mom actually.. she always asks me if being a lawyer is fun (no, lol) and then why not (see above). haha. But on a plus side… tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Anyone else ever tried to track their whole day?

October Update

I’m going to try to keep this monthly update going to keep track of what I’m doing, and keep myself accountable for forward momentum on my to-do list (even as my to-do list keeps growing!).

When I left off in September, I wasn’t sure what my goals for the month were. I knew I had to use my canvas print groupons, so I thought maybe I would tackle artwork for our bedroom or gallery-wall-to-be.

I DID end up using my groupons, but not as I planned. When it came down to it, I just couldn’t decide on anything I really loved. I brought the problem to B (who I usually leave out of decorating decisions because he prefers it that way), and he said he would actually really love to order some artwork for the man cave. So, he used two of the groupons on that and I used the third as a gift for my mom. So much for artwork for the bedroom! But, I’m happy they got used for things that people (B and my mom) will appreciate.

So what did I do this month? Um… not that much actually. I guess October was a bit lazy for me. To be honest, I blame scary movie marathon Fridays with the husband and Hunger Games (<– read all three books this month, mostly on three consecutive Sundays. SO GOOD).

But I did accomplish SOMETHING. I scavenged through my decorating supplies to find frames for my upcoming gallery wall, and got them all painted with oil rubbed bronze spray paint (post upcoming when I finish my gallery wall). I also made my heart artwork to be placed on said wall.

And of course, I made and used some pretty blue chalkboard paint.

And I organized my bathroom counter… which wasn’t really on my list but it should’ve been because of the royal mess under there.

So I guess it was a success, even if I didn’t tackle any BIG projects. And let’s take a list at the ever-growing list:

Bigger projects (due to time or money):
– stamped concrete patio (time(several weeks)/money(around 4k)) – estimated completion summer 2012 or 2013
– replace the flooring on the main level of the house with wood or bamboo (time(probably a month+)/money(no idea, but lots)) – estimated completion 2013 or 2014
– paint the guest bedroom/accent wall in the loft (time (a full day), we already have the paint) – hopefully by the end of 2011
– do a tile backsplash in the kitchen (time (1-2 days)/money($500ish?)) – not sure, hope to complete next summer if not earlier
– Build a curtain rod and make curtains for great room (time(1-2 days)/money($50ish to build rod, $300ish for fabric)) (Fabric bought, still need to make drapes/hang them)

Small projects (under $100/one afternoon):
– Cover existing pillows in great room with fun fabric
– make 1-2 pillows for bench in great room
– figure out a better design for mantel in great room
– redo top of cabinets in kitchen with fall/christmas decor
– paint tiny wall between great room and kitchen (this will make more sense with pictures)
– make chandeliers for breakfast nook and dining room
– Paint the back of the pantry door with chalkboard paint (done!)
– make a few wreaths for the front door (Fall wreath completed)
– hang some pictures/something on the wall behind our bed (maybe use my canvas prints groupon?)
– maybe do a photo wall leading up the stairs between the main level and master level (in progress)
– recover pillows on the couch in the loft
– paint the bookcase in the loft a fun color (green?)
– new shower curtain/rug for guest bath
– paint the furniture in the guest room (headboard, 2 side tables, dresser)
– hang some photos/art in the guest room and maybe hallway upstairs
– organize my crafting stuff in the sewing room
– put contact paper design on our back door (you’ll have to trust me on this one)
– possibly putting a chair rail/batten board up in dining room?
– Hang curtain rods in bedroom and hem fabric I used in wedding to make curtains (DONE!)
– Put hardware on the cabinets in the kitchen
– Clean out closet and dresser/give extra to Goodwill

My goals for this month are going to be to fill the rest of my frames for the gallery wall and hang them; and to complete my contact-paper back door project. Stay tuned!

True story: Feeling like a total idiot at work.

Today my boss asked me to figure out how to do something involving a state agency. I researched as best as I could online, but didn’t find the answers I needed, so I decided to call the agency’s help line.

After waiting on hold for-ev-er someone finally picks up and I explain my question to him. And then…

He starts talking to me verrrry slowwwwllly and tells me I should really get a lawyer to help me with this because they’d know how to handle this situation.

Except um, I AM the lawyer trying to handle the situation. And I don’t know because they don’t teach you this shit in law school. But I can’t admit that to him at that point without looking like a complete idiot so I just mumble something about looking into that option and ask a few more questions.

This is also why I will often wear jeans to go file things in court if I know I’m not going to see a judge, because then if I make a stupid mistake or file the wrong form or ask a dumb question I know they’ll just assume I’m an intern or a courier or something.

Yep. Lawyering: Making relatively smart people feel like idiots on a daily basis.

Effing wind.

So, this happened.

And it’s heavy. Really heavy. Definitely can’t lift it myself and my husband won’t be home for a few hours until well after dark when I’m not going to want to be out there attempting to help him heavy. <>