Effing wind.

So, this happened.

And it’s heavy. Really heavy. Definitely can’t lift it myself and my husband won’t be home for a few hours until well after dark when I’m not going to want to be out there attempting to help him heavy. <>



4 thoughts on “Effing wind.

  1. @Loribeth- as the title implies… wind. lol. The “brakes” on the wheels of the grill kind of suck and have a tendency to come undone. And the wind blew the grill off the little paver stones, and it is so top heavy that it toppled over. We got it up though, between the two of us. No worse for the wear except a dent in the handle. Ah well. 🙂

  2. That must have been some wind! That grill looks like it weighs a ton!!! It seems like it would be impossible to even budge. I’m glad you got it back up and there was only minimal damage… More importantly, I’m glad no one was hurt when the wind tipped it over!!!

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