True story: Feeling like a total idiot at work.

Today my boss asked me to figure out how to do something involving a state agency. I researched as best as I could online, but didn’t find the answers I needed, so I decided to call the agency’s help line.

After waiting on hold for-ev-er someone finally picks up and I explain my question to him. And then…

He starts talking to me verrrry slowwwwllly and tells me I should really get a lawyer to help me with this because they’d know how to handle this situation.

Except um, I AM the lawyer trying to handle the situation. And I don’t know because they don’t teach you this shit in law school. But I can’t admit that to him at that point without looking like a complete idiot so I just mumble something about looking into that option and ask a few more questions.

This is also why I will often wear jeans to go file things in court if I know I’m not going to see a judge, because then if I make a stupid mistake or file the wrong form or ask a dumb question I know they’ll just assume I’m an intern or a courier or something.

Yep. Lawyering: Making relatively smart people feel like idiots on a daily basis.


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