October Update

I’m going to try to keep this monthly update going to keep track of what I’m doing, and keep myself accountable for forward momentum on my to-do list (even as my to-do list keeps growing!).

When I left off in September, I wasn’t sure what my goals for the month were. I knew I had to use my canvas print groupons, so I thought maybe I would tackle artwork for our bedroom or gallery-wall-to-be.

I DID end up using my groupons, but not as I planned. When it came down to it, I just couldn’t decide on anything I really loved. I brought the problem to B (who I usually leave out of decorating decisions because he prefers it that way), and he said he would actually really love to order some artwork for the man cave. So, he used two of the groupons on that and I used the third as a gift for my mom. So much for artwork for the bedroom! But, I’m happy they got used for things that people (B and my mom) will appreciate.

So what did I do this month? Um… not that much actually. I guess October was a bit lazy for me. To be honest, I blame scary movie marathon Fridays with the husband and Hunger Games (<– read all three books this month, mostly on three consecutive Sundays. SO GOOD).

But I did accomplish SOMETHING. I scavenged through my decorating supplies to find frames for my upcoming gallery wall, and got them all painted with oil rubbed bronze spray paint (post upcoming when I finish my gallery wall). I also made my heart artwork to be placed on said wall.

And of course, I made and used some pretty blue chalkboard paint.

And I organized my bathroom counter… which wasn’t really on my list but it should’ve been because of the royal mess under there.

So I guess it was a success, even if I didn’t tackle any BIG projects. And let’s take a list at the ever-growing list:

Bigger projects (due to time or money):
– stamped concrete patio (time(several weeks)/money(around 4k)) – estimated completion summer 2012 or 2013
– replace the flooring on the main level of the house with wood or bamboo (time(probably a month+)/money(no idea, but lots)) – estimated completion 2013 or 2014
– paint the guest bedroom/accent wall in the loft (time (a full day), we already have the paint) – hopefully by the end of 2011
– do a tile backsplash in the kitchen (time (1-2 days)/money($500ish?)) – not sure, hope to complete next summer if not earlier
– Build a curtain rod and make curtains for great room (time(1-2 days)/money($50ish to build rod, $300ish for fabric)) (Fabric bought, still need to make drapes/hang them)

Small projects (under $100/one afternoon):
– Cover existing pillows in great room with fun fabric
– make 1-2 pillows for bench in great room
– figure out a better design for mantel in great room
– redo top of cabinets in kitchen with fall/christmas decor
– paint tiny wall between great room and kitchen (this will make more sense with pictures)
– make chandeliers for breakfast nook and dining room
– Paint the back of the pantry door with chalkboard paint (done!)
– make a few wreaths for the front door (Fall wreath completed)
– hang some pictures/something on the wall behind our bed (maybe use my canvas prints groupon?)
– maybe do a photo wall leading up the stairs between the main level and master level (in progress)
– recover pillows on the couch in the loft
– paint the bookcase in the loft a fun color (green?)
– new shower curtain/rug for guest bath
– paint the furniture in the guest room (headboard, 2 side tables, dresser)
– hang some photos/art in the guest room and maybe hallway upstairs
– organize my crafting stuff in the sewing room
– put contact paper design on our back door (you’ll have to trust me on this one)
– possibly putting a chair rail/batten board up in dining room?
– Hang curtain rods in bedroom and hem fabric I used in wedding to make curtains (DONE!)
– Put hardware on the cabinets in the kitchen
– Clean out closet and dresser/give extra to Goodwill

My goals for this month are going to be to fill the rest of my frames for the gallery wall and hang them; and to complete my contact-paper back door project. Stay tuned!


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