A Day in the Life (Sorry my life is not more interesting)

Haven’t had much going on home-wise so when I saw two bloggers that I read do “day in the life” posts yesterday, I thought why not! Especially because as someone who works primarily at home, I feel like a lot of people somehow think I don’t actually work or I’m just housewife with a paycheck haha.

But, I’ll have to apologize in advance that my day-to-day is not all that interesting! Anyways… here we go!

7:30- Stew wakes us up whining so I trick him into following me out into the hall, and then go back to bed. This works every morning to get an extra 15 minutes.

7:35- B and I discuss our weird dreams, the Joepa thing, and what we’ll do this weekend (outlets!)

7:42- Our alarm goes off and B gets up to feed the pets and let Stew out. I always need an extra few minutes in bed to wake up, so I check phone to see if I have any super urgent email, then check Facebook.

7:50- I get up, brush my teeth, and head downstairs.

7:52- I make B’s lunch: pbj sandwich with sun chips and yellow cherry tomatoes. I make myself two pieces of peanut butter toast and some hot chocolate, and give stew his morning pill.

8:00- I sit down to eat breakfast and respond to work emails that came in overnight.

8:10- I call a judge’s chambers about status conference that is happening this morning and leave a message because they don’t open until 8:30.

8:11- I check facebook/reader/twitter/cnn while intermittently responding to work emails as they come in about the morning status conference. I say goodbye to B as he heads off to work about 8:45.

9:00- I call the judge’s chambers again about conference because I hadn’t heard back, and update my boss on what I found out.

9:05- I receive and respond to emails about upcoming trial in another case.

9:10- I make a call to threaten an opposing counsel with sanctions in a third case about discovery production thats been avoided and leave a message.

9:15- I receive a call from boss about status conference.

9:17- I begin reading a 230 page deposition transcript for a 4th case.

9:35- I send and receive a few emails with a witness for an upcoming trial.

9:40- Back the the deposition

9:45- Receive urgent email regarding status conference, find documents requested, respond to email.

10:00- Back to deposition

10:05- I check Facebook and get distracted by the fact that my cousin started a new business; e-stalk her website (of course).

10:10- Back to deposition!
10:12- I receive an urgent email and also my first ever TEXT from an opposing counsel (seriously, who texts opposing counsel?).

10:15- I check to see if my favorite blog has posted yet. They have! Read blog post.

10:17- Back to deposition

11:10- I give up on the deposition for the day at page 99; I check work email and respond to a few things. I check facebook/twitter– nothing interesting.

11:15- I head upstairs to take a quick shower (and miss a work call, of course). I dress in jeans and a v-neck t-shirt, my usual (if I’m not wearing yoga pants!). I don’t bother with makeup or blow drying my hair most weekdays unless I have a meeting.

11:32- I throw a load of darks in the washing machine.

11:35- I head back to the computer to check work email and respond.

11:40- I head out to the bank to deposit a check for a client. I just make it into my car when I get a call from an attorney wanting to talk about the morning status conference. Spend half an hour talking to him.

12:10- I finally pull out of driveway. I head to the bank and stop to pick up lunch on the way home. I usually let myself get lunch out once per week. Yay for Cane’s today.

12:53- I get home and check email– 10 new work emails. I respond to the urgent ones and set the rest aside for after lunch.

1:00- I sit down to eat and turn on an episode of dead zone on netflix that I didn’t finish yesterday. I pop on Facebook.

1:25- I answer the rest of the emails that have come in.

1:40- I get sucked into an email chain with B about what days he should take off for the holidays. Looks like he’ll have off the whole week between Christmas and New Years… yay for stay-cation! (Assuming I can get the time off).

1:50- I head back to work emails, responding to new ones that have come in (never. ending. email).

2:00- I call a lawyer on an old case to follow up on settlement payment he should have sent last week but did not, I leave a message.

2:05- I send a bunch of emails about finding and organizing documents for an upcoming case.

2:22- Internet break to check twitter/reader/cnn, start dishwasher.

2:40- I begin research on several issues to determine whether or not we will take on a new potential case (intermittently checking and responding to email).

4:20- I take stew for a walk and call my mom to say hello.

4:50- I head back to researching.

5:13- I draft a memo to my boss based on my research with a recommendation regarding whether to accept the new case or not.

5:45- B gets home and laughs at me because I forgot to turn the lights on and I’m now sitting in complete darkness working.

5:50- I finalize and send memo to my boss, and get up to make dinner. B plays with Stew.

6:15- Dinner is done (fajitas!), and B and I eat dinner in the man cave while watching last night’s Daily Show– our daily routine. When that is done we flip around the various cable news networks to catch news on the Penn State situation. B feeds Stew.

7:00- B unloads the dishwasher and cleans up the dinner and cooking dishes. I change back into pjs and put the clothes into the dryer. Treats all around for the pets.

7:15- Snuggle time… for the pets! lol. We watch two episodes of big bang theory under blankets with Stew on me and Milo on B.

8:15- I head upstairs to the great room to catch up on my DVR’d shows that B hates (Criminal Minds and Psych), and then watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. B stays downstairs in the man cave to watch Ultimate Warrior and some dvr’d video game shows. We usually spend Thursday nights apart catching up on all the shows we love that the other hates.

And now.. I’m blogging! But I assure you the rest of the evening will be web surfing and tv watching… capped off with bed around 11:30 or 12.

So, that was my day! I would say it was a fairly typical work from home day, except that I had more phone calls than usual in the morning due to the status conference that was happening (that I didn’t even have to participate in!). It also meant that I had one of those days where I felt like I was kind of busy all day but I don’t feel like I actually accomplished that much. Maybe I should send this to my mom actually.. she always asks me if being a lawyer is fun (no, lol) and then why not (see above). haha. But on a plus side… tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Anyone else ever tried to track their whole day?


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life (Sorry my life is not more interesting)

  1. I have not ever tracked my day but I might have to try this one but it’s hard because I rarely have a “typical” day.

  2. Yea… I felt the same way a little bit because some days I’m at home, some days at the office or court our meeting or whatever… but I figured what the hell šŸ™‚

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