Christmas Ornament Wreath

I finally have a new project to share! (Because um, I finally did something! haha).

I had a lot of fun making my fall wreath, and wreaths are so crazy expensive anyways, that I decided to keep on making my own wreaths for each season. This time was more fun though because I friend of mine came over to make her Christmas wreath at the same time, isn’t crafting always better when you have some one with you? Then you feel less like a crazy person when you start cursing loudly because things aren’t working out… since you’re actually talking to someone rather than just yourself or the dog.

Anyways… this was the inspiration:

I followed the tutorial on the website, which basically goes as follows:

1) Bend a wire hanger into a circle

2) hot glue the tops of your ornaments to the ornaments so they don’t pop off

3) untwist the top of your hanger, and string the ornaments on the hanger

4) re-twist the hanger

Sounds super easy right? It always does. Sadly, it was not. Here are the problems I encountered, and how you can perhaps fix them.

1) I don’t know where they got their hanger, but my wire hanger was quite a bit thicker than that. And it was just a normal dry-cleaning hanger. This little old “bend it into a circle and untwist the top” deal was actually EXTREMELY HARD. I got it semi-circular, and got the top separated, but there was no way to really twist it back together when I was done…

2) I bought a jumbo pack of ornaments from Target. I wanted them all to be in a coordinating color so I got a 50 pack of bronze/gold ornaments. Unfortunately, I did not realize that the little tops of the ornaments? Were plastic. Which meant even after I hot glued them down, if any pressure whatsoever was put on them, the tops just snapped right off. If I ever did this again I would make SURE the tops were metal. Plastic sucks.

3) I had a really hard time placing the ornaments so that they were staggered and didn’t leave big gaps. I think this was partially because I used all of the same sized ornaments. I probably should have bought some smaller ones to fill in the gaps, but I couldn’t find any smaller ones that I liked to go with the ones I already had. Also, I couldn’t work with them too much because if I did, they snapped clear off.

4) I had a terrible time finishing the wreath because once they were all strung, the wire was too thick to twist back together. I wired the two sides together with floral wire and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it holds. I couldn’t work with it all that much because again… ornaments kept snapping off. So the whole thing is a little lop-sided and not quite as full as it could be.

Buuuuutt….. after much swearing and wondering why we ever do crafts at all, I did have a finished product. And truth be told, I kind of love it. I just hope that it doesn’t all fall apart if the wind hits it wrong and that I can re-use it next year. Want to see? Please excuse the fact that you can see my reflection in half the bulbs, its a little creepy.

Not bad, right? I do really like it, but I wish I’d known to make sure that the tops of the ornaments were metal and not plastic. And also, known where to find a nice THIN wire hanger… maybe my friend needs to use a crappier dry cleaner (she brought the hanger to me).

And of course, I love that this was a cheap project.

Wire hanger- free (brought by friend from dry cleaner bag)
Hot glue gun/glue- free (already owned from wedding projects)
Christmas bulbs- $7.50 (50% off of $15 at target for a 50 pack of ornaments in coordinating colors).

Total cost? $7.50 + tax + 2 hrs of my life cursing at the inventor of plastic. Ah well.

Anyone else getting into wreath-making or other holiday decorations? Anyone else freaking hate plastic?


3 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Wreath

  1. You need to glue the tops on the balls ornaments. That keeps them from popping off. Next I used a white hanger and it worked great even for Dollar Tree ones, that I used with some glass ones. I just opened the hanger then when I was done I twisted it and cut off the rest of it. I am trying to figure out how the heck you hang them when you have the ribbon tied on the top.

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