Evil Geniuses.

Don’t let the costumes fool you. Check out the look in Cali’s eyes.

But I’ll start from the beginning. Milo got sick last week, very sick. I don’t really want to get into too much of the scary drama of it but cliffs notes are that when we took him to the vet last Wednesday we almost lost him. He was, as the vet said, “a very very very sick cat.” Thankfully after being hospitalized for two days at the vet, we were able to pick him up last Friday. He was still sick and a bit weak, but he was improving and the vet felt confident that he’d be okay if we brought him home. Except for one thing.

This guy.

We were instructed to keep Milo in a low-stress environment, which meant no arch-nemesis Stew.

It also meant that we wanted easy access to him so that we wouldn’t have to go hunting to give him his pills (6 per day, if you’re wondering!). We contemplated our options and decided to set up cat-central in our guest bedroom. The room is comfortable but pretty bare (bed, 2 end tables, dresser– no place to hide). We took some carpet-protecting precautions (plastic sheeting!) and set up a litter box and food and water off to one side. We put both cats in there because we thought Milo would want company and Cali clearly missed her brother.

For the past almost-week we’ve just alternated the pets. We’d have Stew out for a few hours, then we’d put him away in our bedroom and bring out the kitties for cuddles for a few hours. The whole time I was wracked with guilt about leaving them locked upstairs in the bedroom alone.

Apparently? I needn’t be worried.

Yesterday the vet called with Milo’s blood test results and his numbers are reading almost to the low end of normal, which means that he was off of Stew-restriction. I was so happy to throw open the door yesterday and re-integrate everyone!

Except the cats didn’t want to be re-integrated. They have claimed the guest bedroom as their own.

Even with the door open, they kept disappearing up there to lay on the bed. Which I guess is nice, that they were happy up there… but I want my guest bedroom back! I want to wash all the bedding and vacuum the floor and get it guest-ready like it always is.

But the cats? Have figured out how to open the door. Yes, really.

There is no keeping them out. They have claimed the bedroom as their own, and there is basically nothing I can do about it.

If I disappear again off my blog, one of two things has happened:

1) I got lazy again and stopped posting. Or, quite possibly…

2) The evil geniuses have B and I trussed in our bedroom closet and they’ve taken over the house. Stew better watch out, I don’t think the new regime will be as easily manipulated by the cuteness of his short stubby legs as we are.


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