Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

How has it been a month since I’ve posted? I swear the time just flies. Someone mentioned to me today that they’d known me for a year and I thought “no way, I didn’t meet you until January!” and then I realized… holy cow it was January.

Anyways, 2011 was awesome. It rocked my socks off, basically. A brief year in review:

January: Bachelorette party with all my favorite girls.

February: B and I got married!

March: We went on our amazing Kauai honeymoon (I promise to finish up posts on that SOON).

April: Finally start to hit our stride as normal married people who aren’t super busy planning a wedding.

May: B and I flew to Atlanta for my best friend and maid of honor’s wedding, we had such a great time!

June: Family reunion with my dad’s side of the family– got to see lots of people I haven’t seen in a decade or more.

July: Trip #2 to Atlanta to visit and go to a Motley Crue concert (both B and my MOH’s husband are total Crue nuts)

August: B and I took an impromptu trip to Vegas and had a great week away. We also went to a Tigers game up in Detroit and B experienced his first ever luxury box.

September: I got lots of photography practice (second shot a wedding and did a newborn shoot– so fun)

October: My birthday! Also our first annual month of horror movies in honor of Halloween, which might be one of my favorite new traditions.

November: We had a great Thanksgiving with my family.

December: Christmas! of course. But also, B and I both had off a full week between Christmas and New Years and being able to just spend that much time off together was fantastic.

I can honestly say that 2011 was my best year to date!! 2012 has some serious work to do to come close to the fun we had this past year, but I’m looking forward to seeing what is in store for us.

We don’t have nearly as many plans this year as we did last year. We have a short trip to NYC in May to see B’s family, and a beach vacation with my family in June. At some point we hope to do our yearly (at least) trip to Atlanta, but other than that– no plans! Not that I mind, of course. After being on a total of 12 planes last year, I think I might be grateful for a break from all the travel.

As for resolutions? Well… I didn’t make any. Although if I was forced to think ahead a bit to what I plan to work on this year… I guess I’d have to stick with the classics: get healthy and take better care of our budget. I don’t really think general goals work that well though, so to be specific I’ll say:

– Work on eating whole foods. More things that look like food. Less things that come out of bags and boxes.
– Work on eating more veggies.
– Find some type of exercise I don’t totally hate, and figure out a workout schedule that feels sustainable.
– Make less impulse purchases for the house, just because we can afford something doesn’t mean we should buy it.
– Actually look at our spending at least once per month.
– Explore alternative options for our savings. Maybe a bank savings account is the best idea right now, but we should at least consider alternatives.

And… what the hell. Let’s throw one more resolution in there:

– Post on my blog at least three times per week. Every week. Yes really– I’m going to make it happen this year!


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