On expectations and self-imposed deadlines…

I try not to bitch (too much) here.. but sometimes I just can’t help it.

I am unhappy with our vet. But I can’t decide if I’m unhappy ENOUGH to switch.

The thing is… I think she is a good vet. When we meet with her she is patient and kind. She definitely seems knowledgeable and caring. But she SUCKS about calling.

****And of course I JUST this second as I was typing that sentence got a call from her.****

But the fact that she has now called (yay!) does not eliminate the fact that she sucks about it. As I mentioned before, we had a really big scare with Milo when we got home from Christmas. He was in the hospital for 2 nights and he’s still being closely monitored and is on lots of meds with weekly blood work. And through all of this, there has been exactly one time when the doc called when she said she would!

The usual cycle goes something like this:

Her: I’ll call you this afternoon with the results of Milo’s blood work

Hours pass and as it reaches 6 or 7pm I finally give in and call the office for an update, I’m handed to a tech who tells me the vet will call “soon” and then an hour later I get a call. Finally.

Repeat x 10

The thing is, SHE keeps telling me when she will call. And then she keeps not calling when she says she will. Which makes me feel like she has simply forgotten about me/Milo and only calls after I call her office to check in. So far I think we have only 1 time that she called me without my having to call first to check in because she missed her self-imposed deadline. And it pisses me off. I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m trying to track her down all the time. If she’s going to be too busy to call in the afternoon, just SAY that I’ll call “today or tomorrow.” But giving me a guideline like that sets up an expectation which, when not met, leaves me bitterly blog-post-writing.

I just can’t decide if her clear lack of ability to make a freaking phone call when she says she will is reason enough to find a new vet. On one hand, I do really like her when we’re in an appointment and she saved my cat’s life (super bonus points). On the other hand, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to be pleasant to her when she does (finally) call because I’m so annoyed that it took as long as it did.


p.s. my next blog post will be the finale to my honeymoon recap and will be far less annoying than my whining in this post, promise!


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