Why my husband is awesome, bad week ed.

I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon (again) with that whole “posting 3 times/week” new years resolution eh? Oh well, fall down 1000 times, get up 1001, right? I think I read that on a fortune cookie somewhere.

This week I have a decent(ish) excuse at least. Work sucked. I just had a really bad week. Which I won’t get into here because 1) bitching about your job in the internet gets you fired (see: dooce) and 2) you might die of boredom.

In addition to my really bad no good terrible week at work, I also had a bit of a traumatic experience last night. It involved cleaning out our fridge. I seriously debated including these photos, but since my mom doesn’t read my blog I guess I’ll go ahead and do it (she would scold me both for the situation, and also for showing the world, or um, like the 40 people subscribed to my blog, what a bad housekeeper I am).

The problem is… we suck at throwing things out. Which means every few months we find ourselves with a ridiculous pile of half-used jars of sauce and whatnot. And every few months my parents come to visit (like um, this saturday), and I realize my mom will scold me for my fridge being gross and then I decide to clean it. Promise not to judge me… but this is the pile of stuff that got thrown out:

And here is what was left in my fridge when I was done:

Yes. The sum total of the items in our fridge does amount to: water, Baileys, coke, sour cream, chip dip, jam, blueberries, chives, bacon, eggs, yogurt, assorted cheese, celery and lettuce. I am a bad wife in addition to a bad housekeeper. Moving on.

The problem is, I’m dumb. I know that my mom always dumps everything out down the disposal and rinses jars before throwing them away, but that seemed like kind of a lot of work and like it might make my kitchen smell. And since I knew the trash was going out last night anyways, I figured I’d just toss everything in as-is.


I hadn’t made it to the garage door before milk started leaking out the bottom of the trash bag. By the time I got it to the trash bin in our garage (dragging it, of course, because it was 4,000 pounds), I made it within about 3 feet and the bottom split wide open. Spilling all that lovely nastiness PLUS shattering a glass jar of caesar dressing. FML.

And in case you didn’t know this about me, I’m kind of a germaphobe. I won’t touch raw meat or even a trash can (B does all our trash-handling). I wash my hands every time I enter my house. So the idea of picking up all this gross slimly stuff from the floor (bc several things had opened) made me sick… and yet B would not be home for HOURS and I didn’t want everything leaking all over the garage. So I sucked it up, picked up everything as best as I could, then washed my hands five times, took the longest hot shower ever, and informed B I was never cleaning the refrigerator again.

Which brings me to why he’s awesome. Apparently I didn’t clean up the caesar dressing mess well enough bc this morning when he left for work, he just about got knocked over by the smell. But rather than getting annoyed at me (which I probably would’ve done) he got out a bucket and soap and mop and totally cleaned up the mess I’d left behind. In his work clothes. Without complaining.

And when he knew I had a really bad day at work today, he brought me home a strawberry milkshake (my fav). Oh, and he didn’t get home until 8:45… because he was volunteering as a blackjack dealer for a nursing home vegas night.


I’m not much for gushy but some days I’m so grateful I chose well. And because I have (and will continue to) share the goofy things he sometimes does– it is only fair I share the awesome too.


3 thoughts on “Why my husband is awesome, bad week ed.

  1. So sweet! I love this. πŸ™‚ My hubby is incredibly sweet because he cleans out the fridge FOR me every time because I, like you, can totally NOT handle the grossness. πŸ™‚

  2. You and B sound so much like me and my husband! And trust me, there is NO judgment from me regarding the refrigerator! I also have a pile like that whenever I finally clean out the fridge!

    Hope next week is better for you!

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