Backsplash options (because I can’t think of a more interesting title right now…)

So FINALLY a post that is actually about our house. I guess I took quite a bit of a vacation from really thinking about decorating. Which doesn’t mean I didn’t want to do it, I think I just got lazy.

Then one day I was browsing pinterest, and I came across this.


I have a deep love for that moroccan shape, and I’ve been talking about doing a tile backsplash in our kitchen since the day we signed papers on our house… an obsession was born. At first, I simply loved this tile and I was ready to buy. B liked it, and as a last step I sent it to my mom and dad for their opinion.

Well… my mom thought it looked like bathroom tile, and my dad thought it would be challenging to hang.


I wasn’t ready to discount this tile, but I admitted that perhaps I should at least put a bit more thought into it. My mom suggested this tile.


I kind of wanted to not like it, pretty much because my feelings were a tiny bit hurt that my mom didn’t like my choice and I wanted to dislike anything she suggested. I am a pinnacle of maturity. But after about ten minutes I realized that my mom’s house is gorgeous and her decorating always looks awesome whereas mine flops half the time– and thus maybe I should give her opinion some thought. And my thought was… I was actually kind of digging this tile!

I had always said I wanted to do a 1×1 inch glass mosaic backsplash. Somewhat like this one:


Ignore the colors, but that was the style I had in mind. The more I thought about it though, I just wasn’t really feeling the 1×1 squares anymore. It’s begun to feel a bit dated to me (for no particular reason, just my personal feeling), and so I kind of liked that the one my mom sent was the same idea of a mosaic but in a different shape.

I also liked that the tile was light because I feel like we need something like to pop against our dark dark cabinets. And I loved that the materials were mixed because it made the monotone color scheme seem a bit more interesting.

But buying online is SCARY. I was worried it would get here and I wouldn’t like it, and then I’d be stuck paying for shipping 100 pounds of tile. (Literally. Tile is HEAVY).

So this weekend we went out to a few different tile stores and I rounded up three options. The first store was Lowes. I found this glass mosaic that looked mostly grey with some undertones of brown and green in the store.

But when I got it home, it seemed plain tan/brown. It is amazing how much difference lighting makes! It definitely GOES in our kitchen– the colors match our cabinets and countertops perfectly. But it seems maybe too matchy matchy to me.

Next up I hit The Tile Shop with a friend, and found two marble options I liked. A white/grey/green one:

And also a white/grey one.

What I love about these tiles is how much depth they have, and that they really look expensive. But, are we marble-tile kind of people? My style is generally so colorful/modern and marble seems very traditional.

I also went back online to see if I could find anything else that I loved, and I came across one these, which are very similar to the ones my mom found but are simply a bit more varied in size.


Again, this seems like it is perhaps a good compromise of what I want and what I like about the other tiles. It is the fun mosaic shape, a light color to contrast with the cabinets, and a mix of glass of stone which should make it really beautiful.

Best of all, these are sold also at for the same price as, which means that if we didn’t like these tile we could return them to the store with no shipping fees.

The down side of these is that I don’t believe they are real marble (they say “stone” not “marble”) so I worry that they won’t be as high quality as the marble tiles I have at home. Also, they’re slightly more expensive than the all-marble tiles.

Obviously, I’m torn! And really, B does not care. He has given me full reign over this because he says he has a hard time visualizing what projects will look like completed and he trusts my judgment. My top two contenders right now are the very last tiles shown, with varied materials and sizes, and the greenish all-marble tiles.

If anyone managed to make it alllll the way through this monster of a post, I’d love thoughts and opinions!


4 thoughts on “Backsplash options (because I can’t think of a more interesting title right now…)

  1. Purely opinion here, but I like the last (thinner) tile more than the thick, chunky marble. But, that’s just me. However, if you’re looking for an easy out, you can choose the one I like and then totally blame me if you hate it later!:)

  2. I like the last tile version best, because the varied sizes give it so much interest, but it’s light, so it will contrast nicely with your cabinets.

    And by the way, the moroccan tile is so awesome. If I were you I’d probably do that if I loved it the most of all, especially since it would go against what my mom suggested. I’m a brat like that though 😉

  3. I love the way the last one looks and think it would look awesome in the kitchen. I think that the pattern of the mosaic looks better against the counter and cabinets (from the first picture), a little more varied, but that’s just my opinion. Go with the one you like best!

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