Tile: Decided!

I’ve(we’ve) made a tile decision! My dining room is the proof.

Before we could decide, I felt like I really needed to see the tile I liked from overstock in person. As a reminder, this is what it looked like on the website.


Maybe I have a poor imagination, maybe I’m indecisive, or maybe I’m just abundantly cautious, but I felt like I couldn’t really decide between two different tiles when I was looking at one professionally lit on a computer screen and the other in 3d right in front of me. As I mentioned before, through the magic of google I discovered that Home Depot’s website carries this same tile, and better yet you can order it in quantities of 1 versus having to buy it in packs of 10 (this is a huge advantage because I’m pretty sure I need 21 sheets). So, I popped over to my local Home Depot and…. they don’t carry it. Apparently a lot of the things on their website are available via special order only. Oops! Now I know.

Luckily through their website I could order it, and if I ordered $45 or more, I got free shipping. After verifying that I could return my purchase to the store if I didn’t like it, I pulled the trigger. It came 3 days later (yay for fast shipping!) and I immediately loved it. To my surprise, the stone in it does look like real marble, which was a big plus.

I used my patented evaluation tool (i.e. taping it to the wall) to compare to the other contending tile– the varied green marble.

You have to use a slight bit of imagination here because I didn’t want to take the plastic off of the glass/marble tile (in case I wanted to return it), and the all-marble tile is a bit slouchy because it is VERY heavy, but at least we could evaluate the two in a fair way.

Initially, both B and I kind of liked the all marble tile a bit more. It is more classic, less trendy, and just looked nice/expensive to me. The benefit of the glass/marble tile, though, was that it looks more contemporary which I think fits the style of our house better. Nothing about our house is “traditional” I don’t think, and I worried that the all marble tile just didn’t fit. After spending some time over the course of the next 2 days staring at the two, I also became bothered by the combination of the all-marble tile with the countertop. Where the marble tile looked expensive and obviously like real stone, our countertop is a laminate with varied colors meant only to mimic granite (but it’s not fooling anyone). I don’t hate our countertop, but I don’t love it either (we didn’t choose it). We don’t dislike it enough to replace it any time soon, but somehow seeing the marble sitting directly against it made the counter look cheaper in comparison, and once I asked B if he saw the same thing– it was done. He fully agreed and we felt like the marble/glass mix was a much better choice. I think it still looks pretty and expensive without making our countertop look bad in comparison.

Once the decision was made, I placed our order for the rest of the tile we’d need. I actually ordered another 25 sheets because one of the sheets from the first order of 4 came cracked, and I was concerned about not having enough undamaged sheets to complete the project. I figured with 29 sheets, I should certainly be able to find 21 good ones to use, and I can return the rest or any that are damaged. They came again in 3 days, and with free shipping (seriously– kudos to homedepot.com on that front). I noticed though that coming in larger quantities, they were actually better packed and there were 0 damaged tiles in the first box of 10 that I opened.

And now that we were keeping them, I could finally take the plastic off! It actually made a huge difference I think, and gave the tile a lot more dimension because of the mix of matte and clear glass.

And then because I’m impatient, I went ahead and unwrapped a couple more and laid them out together on our dining room table. Once they come together, it is so much easier for me to picture them as a whole backsplash, and I think they’re going to look amazing!

I can hardly wait to get it up!! Except… I have to. Although tiling a backsplash is definitely do-able for a novice, and I’m pretty sure that we could do it ourselves, my dad is kind of a DIY master. He is the definition of a “handy” guy and has laid more tile than I can count. With that kind of free assistance there for the taking, it just seems a bit fool hearty to not ask for help. At least for this first project. I really want this to come out perfectly and I feel like the process will be a lot smoother if we just ask my dad to help us.

But this is a busy month. I didn’t know the tile would come in so quickly and so this weekend is pretty much out. B’s birthday is next weekend, and our anniversary is the weekend after that. I guess we could ask my parents to come down either of those weekends, but I think we’d rather have fun dates for those events instead. So, we’re looking at March. I’m going to see when my parents are available and hopefully within about a month we’ll have these guys up on the wall! Although I admit it’s going to be hard to see them sitting there every day and not just superglue them up. Patience has never been my strong suit.

In the meantime, I hope to get back up on the project bandwagon and start making some more minor (and cheaper) improvements. Once the tiling is all done I’ll give a final breakdown of what exactly we’re spending on the backsplash, but I believe it should be somewhere in the range of $300-350.

Anyone else have big projects coming up? Anyone as impatient as I am to get started?


4 thoughts on “Tile: Decided!

  1. I love how that tile looks, I’ll have to stop by and see how it looks once it’s done. I’ve decided that I want Andy to rip out our e-zone and put in a small mud room-like area (bench, hooks, shelves), I seriously want to take a sledgehammer to it right now but I’m going to have to wait a while.

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