Daily Dose of Awesome: Cali got her hair did

One of the things I’d wanted to do since I moved in with B (and thus his pets became my pets too) was get Cali groomed. She is a beautiful cat but she had very long hair which B never brushed and it was matted. We tried brushing her a few times together but with the mats already in there, she would just cry and fight us even though we were trying our best to be gentle. We also tried clipping out the mats, giving her a bath, and trying to brush her– but it just didn’t work. Bottom line: She needed professional help.

Somehow it took me two years to actually accomplish this. I got discouraged last year after a call to petsmart in which they told me that grooming cats STARTED at $75 and went up for long hair and up again for mats… but they wouldn’t give me a quote and to be honest they didn’t seem very happy about the idea of doing the grooming. Recently though, I decided we just had to find a place to do it and luckily we found a local shop that grooms cats for a flat rate of $75. Not cheap by any means, but it needed to be done.

When I called to make the appointment, I explained that she had never been groomed and she had quite a few mats. They recommended a lion cut. This is an easy way to start fresh on their fur, and not put them through a long brushing (particularly if she hates it). After a quick google search to see what that meant, and finding images like this one, I agreed. Because how cute is this?


So the appointment was made. As a quick reminder, this is Cali pre-grooming.

Now, I’m not going to lie… the actual getting her groomed was pretty traumatic all around. Cali haaaaates going in the carrier and/or the car. So she cry-screamed at me the whole way there and the whole way back. They told me she was great for the grooming– but I assume they’d say that regardless. Hopefully she wasn’t too upset about it.

But I think that it was worth it, because look at how adorable she is.

The most surprising thing is, I think that she loves it. I expected she’d be upset and hiding for the first day or two, but immediately after I let her out of her carrier all she wanted to do was roll around and rub on everything. She hasn’t stopped purring and getting her off my lap to type this blog post took a little work (which is weird, because I’m definitely not her favorite and it is pretty rare that she wants to be on my lap). I can imagine that it feels good for her to be free of all that tangled hair, and she just seems really happy.

Milo, on the other hand– is somehow traumatized. Which is ironic considering all that he has been through in the past two months. All of the vet visits, the blood draws, the shoving pills down his throat, throughout all of this he has been totally himself and hasn’t shown the least bit of mistrust or fear of us. However the second he saw Cali come out of her carrier, he ran to the basement, hid in the crawl space, and refuses to come out! I even tried to bribe him with treats and he just sits there with a bushy shaky tail (sign #1 that he’s scared) and meows at me. I think he blames me for this atrocity that has been performed on his sister and thinks he’s next? Lol. Who knew cats were so vain. Hopefully he gets over it in the next few hours and forgives me.

But regardless, I’m calling this a total success. Because seriously, how awesome is our cat right now? (answer: extremely awesome.)


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