Project Organize: Spice Cabinet

I’ve been on a bit of an organizing streak for the past two months or so. It started with our closet, which was RIDICULOUS. And then the dresser. I should’ve taken photos but I didn’t. But to give you some idea, between B and I we got rid of 82 shirts, 24 sweaters, 26 pairs of paints, and assorted other hats, belts, shoes, dresses, and jewelry (we kept track because you can deduct donations to Goodwill off your taxes). So yea… it was a mess.

Then I did a full clean-out of our fridge (which was quite a task), and then the pantry. I know they are just small spaces, but I still feel like I’m accomplishing something when I tackle one of these areas.

Recently, Amanda of Love and Renovations issued a challenge to organize one area of your house per week. I kind of forgot last weekend, but I managed to get something done today! It is just another small area, but it will make cooking so much easier!

Behold my mess of a spice/cooking cabinet.

When we moved in, my mom set up my kitchen for me while I was unpacking elsewhere, so there used to be some sort of organization. But I’ve not cleaned it out in the two years we’ve been here. Which means that some things were knocked over, some spilled, and lots just plain hidden behind other stuff I don’t use enough to justify its being where it was. It was getting to the point where I was just kind of tossing things in there and closing the door fast before they fell back out.

And this is the kind of project that it kind of drives me crazy that I didn’t do earlier because I just KNEW that it wouldn’t take that long– so why was I putting it off? To prove a point, I bet myself I could get it done in under 30 minutes, and I set a timer.

First, I took everything out of the cabinet and laid it out on the counter according to how I use it (savory spices/cooking stuff together, bakery spices together, baking supplies, measuring cups, etc). It always gets worse before it gets better right?

And I found some interesting things. Like three things of cinnamon (I’m guessing that I kept thinking we were out because I couldn’t find it, so I kept buying more?). Or two bowls of cinnamon/sugar. Or like five sets of measuring cups (which is confusing because I could NEVER find one when I needed it).

I was also surprised that there wasn’t *that* much that I had to get rid of. An over-abundance of Arbys sauces, some of the overflow measuring cups, and some hard brown sugar.

And yet when I put it all back in the cabinet in an order that made more sense… so much more room!

Okay so maybe it doesn’t look that much better, but I can actually see and reach everything, and making dinner tonight was a ton easier when I wasn’t searching for things every two minutes. Also?

28 seconds left on the clock. Under half an hour and it was completely cleaned and organized! Hopefully this will encourage me to tackle a few other small spaces, like our junk drawer, or our two chests that I tend to use as a dumping ground for whatever I don’t want sitting out in a room!


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