My New Favorite Salad

Just in case you were looking for a new one. I have a new favorite.

2 cups lettuce
1 whole tomato
1 hardboiled egg
1/4 cup sharp cheddar
2 tbspn sunflower seeds
1/2 oz chow mein noodles (offer more crunch for less calories than croutons)
3 tbspn buttermilk ranch

590 calories

I like this salad because it feels very satisfying and not at all like diet food. And at almost 600 calories it isn’t, really. But it does have a lot of good veggies and protein and is filling enough to be a whole dinner. My favorite parts are the egg and the chow mein noodles. The latter was actually a suggestion by B. He asked me to buy them to put on salads and I thought it was so weird, but once I tried it I loved it! They give that good crunch like croutons but you don’t have as many calories and I actually prefer the flavor. You could also make it way lighter if you eased up on the dressing or used a low cal dressing. But, for me personally– if a salad doesn’t have a good amount of ranch I’m probably not going to eat it. I’ve tried every low cal and diet version out there– I just don’t like them. So if ranch gets me to eat 3 servings of veggies for dinner for under 600 calories, so be it!

Anyone else have some favorite salad toppings? I am going to try to eat at least a few salads a week so I’ll probably be looking to change it up here soon.


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