1 year ago…

Well really now it was more like 1 year and 10 days ago because I’m slow… but you get the point. One(ish) year ago, I married my best friend. I told you all about the day, but let’s talk about the last year.

In short? It rocked.

I think the most surprising thing about marriage to me was how easy it has been. Maybe it’s a factor of expectations. I feel like so many people talk about how hard the first year of marriage is, what an adjustment it is, how much you fight, etc. Honestly none of that was true for us. I can say absolutely this was my favorite, and our easiest, year as a couple. Not that we never fought of course because we are, in fact, human. But they were few and far between, and more often ended in laughter than tears.

It might also have been a factor of us being in a really easy place in our lives right now. We’re both settled in stable (knock on wood) jobs and with the wedding expenses behind us we make enough to pay our bills, go on date nights, and still put some money away for savings. This year was also one of relative ease schedule wise. B’s work hired a few new people which made his schedule a lot easier, and he wasn’t studying for anything this past year so we both had a lot of free time. We pretty much did the 8-5 thing and had all our nights and weekends to ourselves. For most of the year I kind of felt like it was summer vacation and I was hanging out with my boyfriend… our responsibilities just don’t loom that large in our lives right now. And we enjoyed that fully, I hope. We both know that this can’t last forever. B is probably headed back to school for his MBA this year which will mean more time alone for me, more work for him, more stress for both of us, and less money. And by the time he’s done with that it might be time to start thinking about kids (maybe? possibly?) at which point all the weightlessness of life is sure to be destroyed.

I don’t think that “the first year is the hardest” will hold true for us. If it did, we would be wildly lucky indeed. But if not, that’s okay too. We know it might get harder. More responsibility, less time together, and more stress are bound to take their toll, but that’s just life… I think. And I hope in the future when we hit rough patches we’ll remember this year and all the fun we had and try to regain a bit of that– if only for a weekend.

Mostly this year has left me feeling incredibly lucky. I just started watching Scrubs on netflix and as stupid as it is to quote a sitcom, this JD gem pretty much sums it up.

I’m crazy about you. And I want you to know if I had the choice of hanging out with anyone in the entire world or sitting at home with you eating pizza watching a crappy TV show, I’d choose you every time.

So, there it is. I love my husband. I love being married. And this is officially the sappiest post ever. If you want to throw something at my head, that’s fine. I know circumstances conspire and not everyone gets off easy their first year of marriage. But there is a lot of negativity and bitching in the world (and believe me, I do more than my fair share), so when the opportunity arises to be speak about something unabashedly happily, it seems only right to take it.

Really, the only downside of reaching one year of marriage?

The cake. A word of fair warning to all those about to celebrate their first anniversaries… not all traditions must be observed. Luckily this was the only disappointing part of our anniversary weekend. I wish I had more photos to show, but I lost the cord to my point-and-shoot camera.

Just pretend you see us smiling in a booth at Melting pot right here (mmmm).

And a cheesy long-armed self-photo of us at the comedy club.

Basically the same thing right?! We had an awesome time fondue-ing and at the show on the Saturday before our anniversary. On Sunday, we woke up and exchanged gifts. I got him tickets (paper, get it?) to see our favorite comedian in April– Ron White. He got me tickets (also paper, man we are creative haha) to see DMB in June!

We then exchanged the letters that we had written to each other before the wedding for our love letter ceremony (tear!) and wrote new letters to be opened on our second anniversary. I think this might be my favorite tradition. Way better than the cake anyways!

The rest of our anniversary day was spent mostly lounging around enjoying each others’ company, before heading out for dinner at the place where we had our rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately once we got there, we realized they were closed on Sundays! So lame, but luckily B knew of another Irish Pub (I had really gotten a taste for fried pickles once we decided where we were going), and this place was even better than the other one!

And just to make up for the bad cake we’d each had exactly one bite of that morning, I had made a new cake to replicate the flavors of our wedding cake: white cake with raspberry filling and swiss merengue buttercream frosting.

So basically, our anniversary weekend was filled with lots of good food and love. Perfection.


2 thoughts on “1 year ago…

  1. 1) I think the whole “First year is the hardest” thing probably happens for people who haven’t lived together first, more than for us seasoned heathens who cohabitate. 🙂 I definitely felt more at ease the year AFTER the wedding than the year before, just from the sheer gratefulness to be done planning!

    2) We both really enjoyed our slice of wedding cake on our first anniversary. It was wrapped in a zillion layers of saran wrap and foil, and the strawberry filling had seeped into the surrounding cake a little more than we would have liked, but overall, I was impressed.

    3) Your remake cake looks gorgeous and yummy. I might have drooled a little.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! We’re going to be celebrating ours in another month and I have a feeling that our cake won’t really be edible. The cake you made looks so good!

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