Guest Bedroom in Progress

As I said yesterday, one thing I really struggle with in terms of decorating is balancing my desire to make things pretty with my feeling badly about spending money to accomplish that. This really comes into play with the guest bedroom since it is a room that is so rarely used. It seems somewhat pointless to spend money on it when it is only used maybe 6-10 nights per year and its perfectly comfortable as is.

And yet, comfortable just doesn’t seem like enough. Whenever I’m staying at someone else’s house it’s always a bit uncomfortable because it’s not MY bed. And I think that feeling is probably multiplied when you’re in an essentially bare room. I really want people to feel comfortable when they stay there, and I’ve decided this is going to be the next room I work on.

I’ve gone through a lot of ideas for this room. First I thought yellow walls, they seemed so sunny and happy. Then I thought about doing the same aqua-y blue we have throughout most of the rest of the house, and doing either yellow or red highlights throughout the room. But then? I saw this room in a blog post.

It is everything my style usually isn’t. Neutral tones and somewhat traditional, whereas the rest of our house is modern and filled with color. But, I really loved the photo and I figure that a guest room is a great place to try out a style that doesn’t exactly jive with the rest of the house. And the neutrals do seem really soothing, don’t they?

So, this is my inspiration. To remind you of what I’m working with, this is the guest bedroom. This is an old photo, but the room looks essentially the same except I switched the green blanket for a white one and added a red chaise to the nook by the closet (relocated from the man cave when we redecorated).

Big. Empty. Boring.

So, to transform this room into something a bit comfier, here are my plans:
1. Paint the night stands and dresser white.
2. Consider a new headboard (maybe upholstered? DIY’d?) or paint current one white if I can’t find another I like better (on a budget).
3. Hang curtains along the whole area behind the bed. I’m thinking silver? Or maybe a soft blue or green.
4. Make slipcover for chaise
5. Get new bedding in a soft neutral pattern (this might be last since bedding can be expensive!)
6. Hang a chandelier over the bed
7. Consider doing a tone-on-tone stencil in the nook by the closet.
8. Hang some art on the walls (the easiest and yet probably the last thing I do since hanging things on the wall is always my hardest/least favorite thing).
9. Finishing touches (lamps, something on the dresser? etc)

I think this might be a work in progress over a bit of time because spreading out the cost will make me feel better about the overall cost of it.

But for today at least– I’ve gotten started! Guess what I did? Here’s a hint…

**3.5 hrs later**

Yep, I started on painting the furniture! I got everything primed today (yes, it is supposed to look that terrible and uneven. Gets worse before it gets better!). I plan to do two coats of white paint at least 24 hours apart, but since I’m not sure of my schedule this coming week my goal is just to get it done by next Friday so we can give them 48 hrs to fully dry and get everything moved back to where it should be next Sunday.


Also, I bought a chandelier! This was DEFINITELY a splurge item, but since I plan to do everything else in the room on a budget, and since I reallyreallyreally love it, AND since I feel like this will really be a focal point of the room— I just went for it.


It’s on back-order until June which kind of sucks, but maybe that will give me a goal to work towards (have everything else done in time for the chandelier to be the final touch?). We’ll see how it goes.

Anyone else tackling a whole room? How do you keep from getting overwhelmed with all there is to do?


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