My travel bucket lists.

When I was 11 I decided that I wanted to visit all 50 states before I was 50. Made sense at the time because I was 11 and I had been to 11 states. I’ve fallen a bit behind now… although I’m not quite sure visiting all 50 states is a goal of mine. For example… I’m not sure if I really need to see Alabama. No offense to anyone who lives in Alabama… but it’s not really on my to-do list.

Regardless, I found this fun map tool online and I thought I’d see where I’d been. Here’s a map of states I’ve actually spent more than an hour or two in (i.e. visiting or driven through).

If you count states I have just had lay-overs in, the map expands just a bit.

And just for fun, I did a map of all the states I have been to PLUS all the states I actually would like to go to, for comparison’s sake.

The website to make your own map is here:

This got me thinking about how many countries I (haven’t) visited. So I googled to find a map maker for that. here is where I’ve been:

Here are the places that are on my bucket list to go (plus the ones I’ve already been to):

And here is where I have some interest in going, although most of these I’d be fine either way.

World map making tool here:



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