Lameness loves company

As I’ve mentioned a time or ten, B and I are kind of lame. We really like staying home for the most part, and we’re not really out-on-the-town type people. Which I’ve come to love about us and have (mostly) stopped feeling self-conscious about.

Last night, though, we were watching our latest Netflix series— How I Met Your Mother. I’d never seen it before and B had only ever seen one or two episodes, so we started from the beginning. In the middle of the first season there is an episode called Zip, Zip, Zip. Two of the main characters, the engaged Marshall and Lily, have plans to spend their 9 year anniversary at a bed and breakfast upstate and go to some sort of Maple Festival.

Just as they’re getting ready to leave, they’re obviously trying to get pumped about it. But as they go back and forth talking about the weekend (the drive, the having to get up early to get breakfast, the middle aged couples that always infest bed and breakfasts), it becomes clear neither of them want to go. And so they blow off their anniversary weekend to stay home in sweats and watch a Quantum Leap marathon.

I have to admit, it made my heart happy. Because that is exactly the kind of thing that B and I have done– and will probably continue to do (like for example nixing our anniversary weekend away in favor of doing a staycation). And sometimes, it’s nice to have confirmation (even in sitcom form) that our homebody lameness is not so unusual.


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