Weekend Update

I was hoping that today I would have shiny new pictures of our furniture all finished and white and replaced in its’ spots in the guest room.

But I don’t.

For two reasons, really. The first is that I was sick for the entirety of last week. Allergy/sinus issues that kept me up nights and make most of last week kind of a hazy blur for me. I only missed one day work but I wasn’t really up to doing a lot after work. The second reason is that I was hoping (desperately) that the furniture would only require two coats of paint (on top of the primer).

Unfortunately, I got the second coat of white on last night it’s just not going to cut it. It looks pretty good. In a pinch I guess I could call it done. But when you already have 8 hours in a project and it would only take 2 more to go from “pretty good” to “perfect” it seems like you should just finish it right. So, progress:

But it will be a few more days before it is really done (maybe even until next weekend because I’m in trial this week). Boo.

In other news, we had a terrible storm here last night complete with tornado sirens for about 45 minutes. The pets were not amused. The cats insisted on hiding under the couch even though we told them their usual spot in the basement was much safer (silly cats didn’t want to listen) and Stew was panting/drooling/shaking like a leaf. It was really sad. Although B trying to calm him down was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Eventually the sirens went off and it was “just” a bad thunderstorm with hail rather than a bad thunderstorm with hail and tornado sirens, and Stew calmed down enough to hide himself under my legs for the remainder of the night. Which I have to admit was actually pretty comfortable!

But, overall it was a great weekend. I was still not really feeling too great so we just hunkered down for an entire weekend in (hermit-ish even by our standards, we usually at least go out for food or a movie). Friday night I had photos to edit from a 6 month shoot I’d done Friday morning and then I started the third Harry Potter book. Saturday was filled with Dexter on demand, basketball, ordered-in pizza, and me finishing the third book. Yesterday was more Dexter, some painting, lots of basketball, and me starting the fourth book (I’m 200 pages in already!). And, of course, capping our evening off with Walking Dead (sooo sad its over but excited for Season 3 in the prison!).

So, there is my weekend update. Anyone do something more interesting than us for St. Pat’s?


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. Good luck finishing your furniture painting! I’m sure the extra coat will be so worth the effort in the end. 🙂

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