New Bedding!

After painting the furniture in the guest room last week, I was just itching to make another big change in there. I hit my favorite mall (i.e my computer for online shopping) and was surprised how quickly I found a bedding set I really liked! I ordered it immediately and it just came in today.

It is still a bit wrinkly from shipping (how does one get wrinkles out of something that is dry-clean only?) but I couldn’t resist throwing it on the bed immediately to show it off.

The bed before… boring white with a dark green dust ruffle.

And after!

I really love it, it is totally unlike my normal style… but it fits the neutrals/glam vibe I’m going for in the guest room. I think the shiny fabric makes it a bit hard to get a photo of, but its mostly a taupe-y color (not grey) with ice blue.

The question now is…. curtains? As you can see… I’ve taped some fabric to the wall to get an idea of whether or not I want to use that fabric as curtains. I bought it originally to do curtains in the great room, but then decided that satin didn’t really go with the casualness of the room. I definitely like the idea of satin for the guest room, and I think the texture of the fabric is super fun.

The question is, is it too boring to have curtains that almost match the cream wall color? Or is it okay because they have so much fun texture and the bed has color in it? I would be doing a (DIY’d) brushed silver curtain rod extending the length of the wall up near the ceiling.



2 thoughts on “New Bedding!

  1. Very pretty! 🙂 I love the blue. And I think the cream curtains would look fine – if you want neutrals in the room, that’s the perfect way to achieve that!

  2. Ooooh, shiny! The new bedding is great!

    And I am really digging the texture of your potential curtain material. If you’re going to extend it to cover almost the whole wall, I say go for it! It will tie in nicely with the wall color, and add a lot of dimension to that wall at the same time.

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