Mega Millionaire

I’m not generally one to daydream about what could be. I don’t spend much time wishing I was rich or wishing I was famous or planning how I’d spend my lottery winnings (I don’t play the lottery so the latter would be particularly silly). My mom is a dreamer like that and to me, it seems to breed discontent to spend much time thinking about things that aren’t likely going to happen.

But, I saw on this morning that the lottery is up to $540 million. Which is apparently the biggest lottery amount ever up for grabs. And just this once I couldn’t help my mind from wandering.

What if I did buy a ticket? What if I won?!

The total pay-out if a person were to select the lump-sum option is $389 million. Figure half for taxes and you’re looking at about $195 million. Cash. Holy cow. What on earth would I do with $195 million?

Let’s see.

$2 million – pay off all of our debt, all of our parents’ debt, and all of our siblings’ debt
$5 million – buy new houses, in cash, for us and our parents. New cars all around.
$3 million – give a million to each set of parents just to blow on fun stuff.
$10 million – split into two accounts for B and I to blow on whatever we felt like
$50 million – give to charity
$10 million – set aside just for taking the most kick-ass vacations ever with our friends and family
$15 million – split between three sets of parents for retirement living expenses
$20 million – retirement account for B and I
$80 million – invested to live off of

Yep. I think we could put that money to good use. How would you spend $195 million if you had it?


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